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They have EXACTLY the same designers name, almost identical bottle, label, box and very similar fragrance! It's not easy to tell what is a Fake. Counterfeiters of perfume have become masters of their crime with the aid of modern digital imaging and printing techniques. They are capable of producing almost identical replicas of ALL the major leading perfume brands on the market today. As a consumer you may never really know, UNTIL you experience the actual fragrance which may be close to but not exactly as it should. You'll discover that the perfume does NOT last as long, perhaps as little as one hour instead of half a day or longer as is the case with original designer perfume. Counterfeiting is a huge problem globally, with millions of counterfeit goods being produced and sold every year. It is estimated that up to 10% of perfumes and toiletries in the market place are fakes.

HEALTH RISKS OF COUNTERFEIT FRAGRANCES: Counterfeit perfume do not undergo the usual safety standards that are applied to all cosmetics and toiletries around the world. When cheaper, inferior ingredients are used, these may cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin and could also stain garments.

BEWARE OF OLD STOCK and STALE PERFUME Perfume does deteriorate. The time period depends on temperature, light and length of storage. Sometimes when stores close down, they SELL OUT their old perfume stock. These typically end up in auctions, and discount shops/web sites at very cheap prices. Don't get caught out. Always make sure your supplier sells FRESH, not old stock.

20 Point Perfume Authenticity Checklist:

1) Confirm Reputable Source of Supply. Verify the delivery has come from a repuatable seller.
2) Cellophane Wrapping. Check for overall quality - look and feel -thickness and clarity.
3) Cellophane Sealing. Check for signs of excessive glue and especially use of any sticky tape.
4) Outer Box. Check for overall quality of material used - thickness – colour- fold marks and edges.
5) Printing. Check for correct information printed on box. Size, Country of Origin, misspellings, logo, and trademarks. Check the style of printing – embossing if applicable.
6) Batch Number – Check for a number.
7) Inner Box. Check overall quality of material used - colour and size.
8) Bottle Shape. Check overall quality - height – width – basic shape and design.
9) Bottle Glass. Check overall quality – thickness - clarity – moulding marks – air bubbles within the glass.
10) Cap. Check size – colour – shape – moulding marks
11) Sprayer Head. Check overall quality – colour - smoothness and ease of operation.
12) Sprayer Inner Tube. Check quality - thickness, length and colour.
13) Main Bottle Label. Check quality of printing – size - positioning and look for embossing if applicable.
14) Bottom Label. Check quality of printing – size – correct information.
15) Bar Code. Check number, size and scanability
16) Fragrance Colour. Check for murkiness, floaties and consistency of colour.
17) Fragrance Oiliness. Check for excessive oily feel.
18) Fragrance Smell. Check for pungent or unusual fragrance notes.
19) Fragrance Lasting time. Test number of hours. Should last at least 2 to 3 hours+
20) Skin Reactions. Watch for itchiness, blemishes and rashes.


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