How To Choose A Breast Feeding Nursing Necklace

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How To Choose A Nursing Necklace...

What Is a Nursing Necklace?

A Nursing Necklace is a necklace which mum can wear while breast feeding her babay.  It is used as a tool to keep babies attention from wandering.  There is a range of reasons to use a nursing necklace, here are just a few:

* Using a nursing necklace will give baby something to hold onto rather than your skin, hair or clothing and should help to stop pinching and scratching!

* Will help to keep babies attention focused on the breast area for longer, disuading baby from pulling away at distractions, resulting in longer more filling feeds.

*Acts as a soothing & familar object thus aiding transition from breast to bottle.

* Aids tactile & visual stimulation thus promoting cognitive development.

* Improves hand to eye co-ordination & tracking.

* Aids development of depth perception.

* Deveolps colour & shape recognition.

* It can be used as a learning tool; introducing a wealth of shapes,colours & textures to your little one.

There is a wide range of nursing necklaces avaliable on the web so choosing the right one can be confusing.  Nursing necklaces can range between £5-£22 and there is a vast difference in materials used.  When choosing your nursing necklace dont just go for the nicest looking, or the cheapest, make sure you look into the safety aspects of the product.  Please consider the following when choosing your necklace...

*What it is made from?  bear in mind that necklaces made from wooden, glass or gemstone beads can splinter, crack or scratch and are dangerous to little hands.  A safer option is plastic, and make sure that the seller uses non toxic plastic beads.

* Check what the breaking strength of the necklace is and dont settle for anything other than the min of 20lbs.  My nursing necklaces have a tested breaking strength of between 50-100lbs depending on necklace design.

* What is it strung on?  If its on coated wire it presents a danger of wearing down, and the wire becoming exposed and possibly cutting babaies fingers.  Cotton & hemp cord no matter how strong the breaking strength will break down over time & weaken, its not waterprof and so is suceptable to water damage & rot & can become really smelly when it gets wet.  Also for hygiene reasons you need a necklace you can fully wash regulary and if its waterprof you can cold water steralise the item using tablets or a product such as Milton.

* Necklaces that come with a break away clasp are ideal as when too much pressure is applied it will pop open, saving your neck from a sharp tug & can also literally be a life saver as it safe guards against strangulation.

* Buy from a seller who has had their items safety tested to a min of EN71-3:2007 or there abouts, this is the standard for toys so you know their items will be quality and safe for your little one.

*And finally choose a design which will benefit your child.  As new born babies see best in contrasting colours I would advise you to choose a Black/white/red necklace for the first 8 weeks and then change to something more colourful when your baby gets older.  I make a design called 'Baby Bitz' which is perfect for older breast fed babies.  My daughter is 6 months and she loves to touch a lion bead more than any other, she even makes a roar sound!

Now safety...

Remember a Nursing Necklace is NOT a toy, use it responsibly & follow all of the instructions supplied with your necklace.  Never fiddle with the safety bead as it can become loose & never let your child use the item as a teather.

Please have a look at my Ebay shop 'Breast-Buddies Nursing Necklaces' to see the whole range of items I produce.  I make a range of Nursing Necklaces using all of the safety features detailed above making a Breast-Buddies Nursing Necklace one of the safest in the world.

I hope this guide as been helpful.  Please rate its usefulness.

All The Breast,

Laura x x x


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