How To Deal With Sellers Of Fake Items Effectively!

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There are 2 ways to deal with sellers of counterfeit items effectively!

1) Report them to eBay

Once you've found a counterfeit item:

a) Click on the listing and scroll to the bottom.

b) Click on the report item link.

c) Select the correct reasoning for reporting the item.

d) Give a brief description of why you have reported the item.

2) Report them to Trading Standards

This is very very simple to do.

If you spot anyone selling counterfeititems or you have bought fake items yourself, then simply go here:
(copy and paste above link into web address bar)

Just enter the post code of the seller to find their nearest Trading Standards office. Then pass their details (Name, Address and eBay Name) over to Trading Standards.

Sit back and let Trading Standards get all of their sales data off eBay & Paypal and then take legal proceedings.

It's really as simple as that!

With a few minutes of you're time will help others from buying fakes and make eBay a safer place to buy and sell.

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