How To Enter A Renault Radio Code From Jonjoe Ltd

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To enter the Renault radio code supplied by  Jonjoe Ltd, you will need to use the controls on your steering wheel.
To enter the radio code you will need to locate the 'THUMB WHEEL' and the button below this. Entering the radio code is straight forward, simply switch on your radio,using the 'STALK CONTROL' rotate the thumb wheel until the first digit of your radio code is shown on the display of your radio, then press the bottom button, next you will rotate the thumb wheel again until the second digit of your code is displayed, then you will press the bottom button, repeat this sequence until you can see the 4 digit code displayed on your radio, once you press the bottom button for the last time hold it until the radio beeps the radio will activate.
If your Renault CD or cassette player is in the new Vauxhall Vivaro simply follow the same instructions
If the display on the radio is showing ERROR this means an incorrect code has been entered, you will
need to leave the CD or cassette player on for up to 2 hours to reset - the display should then show 0000.

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