How To Open Up Smaller Rooms With a Mirror

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A couple of well-placed mirrors can make cosy rooms look positively palatial. It's the oldest trick in the book, with a few new twists.

Go Big Or Go Home

The larger your mirror's surface, the more it can reflect – and the bigger your home will look as a result. You might think you haven't got enough space in your small room for a gigantic mirror, but where there's a wall there's a way. Mirrors can sit flush to the wall (especially if you choose a frameless decorative mirror) and can easily slot into areas that are currently dead space. Slip a giant mirror in behind your sofa, your desk, sideboard or even your bed to instantly make the room look larger. Although frameless mirrors take up less space, antique designs are perfect for making a style statement. Really big mirrors also look great standing at the end of a hallway.

Cluster Small Mirrors Together

Hanging a group of square or rectangular framed mirrors side by side creates an attractive window-like effect. Try it with six identical wood-framed mirrors, arranged with three at the top and three underneath. It has the same effect as a large mirror, but small mirrors are much easier to move around when you first get them into your home. For best results, don't put them on the wall facing the window. Although it would be nice to double up your view, it won't make much of a difference to how big your room looks. Point them towards a wall instead and your room will look twice the size right away. It's always a good idea to make sure your mirrors are reflecting something interesting, so why not paper the facing wall with feature wallpaper?

Stand a Mirror In the Corner

The corner of a room is often where you get the best vantage point, which is why most photos on home-buying websites are taken from that angle. You can double up the reflective effect in tiny boxrooms, hallways, dressing rooms and cloakrooms by popping a freestanding mirror in the corner. For windowless rooms, you can maximise the light by hanging a wall light or standing a floor lamp next to it. The mirror will beam the light to the other corner of the room, brightening it up. If you're really tight on space, you could even drape it with fairy lights. Not only is this whimsical and pretty, it also provides extra lighting to help you get ready in the morning.