How To Sell Clothes on Ebay

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I have a couple of shops on Ebay and aswell as making a few extra shillings selling clothes for myself and friends, I can also tell you, it has become somewhat of a hobby too!!

There are many useful tips that I have established along the way, which has lead me to actually sell the tools in Foley Store,to help all who want to make life easier for themselves - here on Ebay.

1. Take that few extra minutes with your photographs. Edit them in Enhanced Editing in the Ebay photo option.  Adjust the light, background and appearance of your picture accordingly.

2. Who wants to see the sofa in the background, light fittings, pets even !! Crop out as much of your background as possible. Remember, the public only want to see whatever it is they are interested in buying, together with complimentary aids, such as this necklace, I sold 12 of them last summer. I added the top detail of a pretty summer dress, as without it, the background was too light  to be sent to auction on it's own. I cropped out the door in the background, follow the steps in Enhanced Photo Editing on Ebay. It's free too !

3. Invest in a Body Form, they hang from a door, knob, clothes rail or lean against a wall. There are other options also available on Ebay.

4. Hang your clothes with imagination, don't just drape it over the body form. Imagaine that the form is you wearing the item. Would you wear it like that?

4. Add accessories (I call them props) ie, accesorise with a necklace or complimentary jewellery. For example, if its a pink top, add black trousers, but... always mention the accesories are not for sale. ie end auction by saying. THIS BID IS FOR ONE PINK TOP. You can find the trousers for sale in my other listings. or, the trousers are not for sale. etc etc. People will appreciate that you have tried to fulfill their imagination.

5. Mark clearly your terms. But.. Don't make it sound like you are a dragon waiting to flame your buyers. ie, I will leave you bad feedback, pay straight away etc etc. Word your terms firmly and precisely but also put down the things you offer to your customers. Customer Satisfaction, your handling time, that you are available to help with queries. If somebody doubts their delivery may get lost in the post, offer Recorded Delivery and ammend the invoice before sending with the payment options in such cases.

6. Remember, you want your customers to love what you sell, love what you say and you want them to come back.

7. Whether a customer spends 50p or £50.00, treat them all the same. Everybody is important, everybody will tell somebody about you. Make sure they have something good to say.

8. You will get difficult customers. I have been left in tears But, learn to get thick skin, smile through the hurt, remain composed, don't drop to their level of impoliteness. See the problem and execute the cause. If they cannot be pleased, accept that they may be just having a bad day, or have genuinely received a poor service in some way. Always try to calm the situation and only respond with resolve. If you cannot resolve then you have tried your best.

9. Wrap your sales with thought and TLC. Imagine that evey thing you sell, is a gift to somebody else. Wrap it how you would like to receive it. But don't waste lots of time, establish a method of wrapping that allows you to distribute at a fair speed to yourself.

10. I wrap all of my clothes in tissue paper, and I enclose a business card. Make sure you do not use a tatty bag. A few pence on a nice, fresh mailing bag makes all of the difference. Packaging is what defines you above the rest.

WELL.. There's a few useful tips for now and there will be more to come. GOOD LUCK and please tick  the box below if you found this helpful today X

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