How To Spot Fake Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce

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I have been a seller of Fierce Cologne on Ebay now for quite a few years and have more and more recently been contacted by people who have been sold fake or counterfeit copies of the cologne especially the Fierce.

Here are a few pointers to help you check that you are getting the real Deal... 
Please do not be swayed by price, usually if it seems too good to be true then it usually is!

There are 4 main points I have found as below

1  The wording on the back of the box should be clear
The Box on the Left is REAL the box on the Right Blurred FAKE

2 The Labeling on the Bottle

The Bottle inside the box will have a label on the bottom, also imprinted over the label will be a number this number should correspond with the number imprinted on the bottom of the box

The PIcture on the Left shows the label on the bottle with the numbers, The bottle on the Right has no label FAKE

3  The Cellophane Wrapping on the Box

This should be cut square, not pointed, see picture

The Box on the Left is neat and the plastic wrap is cut square REAL, the box on the Right is pointed and not neatly finished off FAKE

4  The Labelling on the Bottom of the box

The Labels on the bottom of the box are larger and have the large barcode on them

The Label at the Top of the Picture is large and has the Large barcode, This is REAL  The Bottom Label is small and FAKE

Please be careful especially at this time of year and try to look at peoples past performance how long they have been selling this product etc.  Be aware that it is easy to open and swap bottles over into sealed boxes and if buying for christmas presents this will not be found out until too late on christmas day when opened as a gift.  Alot of these are water filled or smell nothing like the real thing, Fierce if you have ever been into an Abercrombie store smells like the store...Please check these if you buy before christmas and check out your seller first, look at their feedback and remember if it seems too good to be tru, then it usually is..

This should retail on Ebay for around £70 including postage for a 100ml, if you are considering paying around £50 for a 100ml bottle beware
For a 50ml Bottle you are looking at around £50 including postage

***** Please note, Abercrombie & Fitch have recently changed the packaging to their fierce, There is now a picture of a mans body on the back of the box, and the writing that was on the back of the box has been moved to the side of the box...****

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