How a Wii can be modified or chipped to play copies

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How a Wii can be modified or chipped to play copies or other region games

The Wii has taken off massively and with a large library of games to choose from you are now spoilt for choice. You can also extend the amount of games you can play by adding a mod chip to your Wii console - this will let you play games from USA and Japan as well as having the advantage of letting you also play backups or copies (obviously you arent ment to play a copy if you dont own the original game).

You can modify or "chip" your Wii console yourself very easily as there is a huge range of "solderless" mod chips which just fit between the disk drive and the motherboard of the Wii.

The one shown above is called the DriveKey and to fit it you open your Wii, unplug the lead from your disk drive, connect the lead to the drivekey and then connect the drivekey back to your disk drive. So the drivekey sits between the disk drive and the motherboard. This way it senses when a copy has been inserted and tells the console that it is an original. A very quick and easy modification.

You can find many other types of solderless mod chips - google "solderless wii mod" to see plenty of results.

Obviously once you open your Wii console you void the warranty so only do this if you are happy to void the warranty or if the console is over 12 months old (out of warranty).

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