How to Avoid Simple Mistakes When Doing up a New Home

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It’s very easy to rush into things when you first move into a new home. You’re so desperate to get rid of all trace of the previous owner’s dated taste, that you’re peeling off wallpaper and pulling up carpet before really thinking about what you want there instead. Follow these guidelines and the home of your dreams will materialise much more quickly and without any regrets along the way.

Live With It As It Is For a Time

It might be frustrating and tiresome, but if the home is habitable, try to live with it as it is, at least for a few weeks. This way you will get to learn exactly what is wrong with it and get a greater insight into what needs to be done to put it right. You may learn, for example, that apart from first thing in the morning, the lounge is incredibly dark and needs to be brightened up; that by moving a radiator in the bedroom, the bed could be put in a much nicer position; or, that you could really do with an extra plug socket in the hallway to charge all of your devices.

Get Sampling

Samples of paint, swatches of fabric, squares of carpet and single tiles should all be taken home and tried out before committing to buying in bulk. Whilst that paint may look pretty on the card, when you paint a brush stroke of it on your bathroom wall and see it in harsh daylight it may look a totally different hue. And that tile might turn out to clash horribly with the kitchen units, which you plan to keep.

Reach For The Measuring Tape

Baths, sofas and sideboards are not all a standard size. Measure all of your sanitaryware to ensure that it will all fit into your bathroom and still give you room to move around it. And, don’t just leave it at that either: you also need to check that the bath will actually get up the stairs. The same goes for beds, sofas and other furniture. Most delivery drivers have stories of having to return to the warehouse with stock, because they were unable to get it into the property it was ordered for. If you’re really set on an item and discover it won’t fit through the door, don’t despair, you might be able to have it hoisted through a window instead.

Don’t Cut Corners

It’s very tempting to leave out seemingly pointless stages of the decorating process, like cleaning down the woodwork before painting it or sanding down filler before covering it over. Nevertheless, it’s these fiddly, but functional tasks that make the difference between a professional looking decorating job and an amateur one. Don’t miss them out.