How to Buy ATP Tennis Semi-Final Tickets

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How to Buy ATP Tennis Semi-Final Tickets

The ATP World Tour is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. This is a men's tournament, and the best names in the sport compete in the semi-finals to go on to the finals and win the title. People from all over the world travel to watch the semi-finals. For eight days, singles and doubles teams compete to show what they are made of. Fans can attend one or more of these matches to see their favourite players compete. In order to be a part of the event, tennis fans must purchase tickets for the appropriate day and time. Before making a purchase, buyers should familiarise themselves with the types of tickets available, as well as what to expect from the different sessions. Ticket buyers should also consider taking note of some tips before making a purchase to ensure that they get the best deals on semi-final tickets. When looking for tickets to this world-famous event, people should consider beginning the search on eBay.

What Is the ATP World Tour?

The ATP World Tour is a year-long, worldwide tennis tour for men that has been in existence since 1990. The Association for Tennis Professionals (ATP) organises matches for individual players and doubles teams who play throughout the year. The players and teams collect points as they make their way through matches and those players and teams with the highest rankings compete in the ATP World Tour Finals at the end of the tennis season. Tennis fans from around the world gather to watch players compete in the ATP Tennis Semi-Finals in hopes of watching their favourites move forward to the finals.

Types of Tickets

People who wish to attend a session of the ATP tennis semi-finals need to be sure that they have the proper tickets to gain admittance. There are three different types of tickets available for purchase. The different types of tickets are listed and described in the table below.

Ticket Type


Individual Session

Ticket is valid for an individual session on one day; buyer can choose which day and session he/she prefers

Full-Day Pass

Ticket is valid for admission to all sessions on a single day; buyer can choose which day

Multi-Day Sessions

Ticket is valid for multiple sessions on multiple days

Tennis fans who just want to watch their favourite players play rather than follow the semi-finals should purchase individual session tickets. This type of ticket allows ticket holders to see the matches on a particular day without having to spend as much money on tickets. Those who are particularly fond of tennis may wish to see more of the semi-finals. The multi-day session tickets cost more upfront, but offer better value over purchasing the tickets individually.

What to Expect in Each Session

Before making a decision as to which types of tickets to buy, fans should know what to expect. Prices for tickets vary depending on the seating allocations, so buyers should know what they are paying for and if it is worth investing more in certain types of tickets or simply to look for the best deal.

Individual Sessions

Each individual session includes one singles match and one doubles match. The players are chosen using a round-robin format and placements are determined shortly before the tournament begins. This means that a fan who wishes to attend an individual session to see a specific player cannot be sure that the player is going to compete in that particular session when he or she buys the session ticket several months in advance.

Day vs. Night Sessions

There are two individual sessions per day during the semi-finals. The day or afternoon sessions begin at 12:00 p.m. and the night sessions begin at 6:00 p.m. When purchasing tickets for an individual session, buyers can choose whether they wish to attend the early or late sessions. While purchasing the tickets for individual sessions is less expensive, buying tickets for several sessions over the course of the tournament starts to add up and so can prove to be expensive.

Choosing Tickets for the ATP Semi-Finals

Tickets for the ATP semi-finals can be purchased at full price from AXS, a ticket vendor. When purchasing tickets this way, buyers can expect to pay a facility fee and a service fee on top of the ticket price. One advantage is that the buyer can specifically choose what seat he or she wish to sit in for the event. No matter what vendor the buyer chooses to purchased tickets from, the buyer needs to consider the quantity of tickets and the day of the event before making a purchase.


The quantity refers to the number of tickets required. This corresponds to the number of people planning to attend the semi-finals. When purchasing tickets through AXS, the buyer can select the number of tickets and the seat allocations. When purchasing tickets through a private seller or vendor, the selection is limited. Likewise, ticket buyers may have to buy the total number of tickets the seller has for sale. For example, if the seller has a pair of ATP semi-finals tickets, the seller is likely to only sell both tickets together rather than breaking up the pair. In any case, it is ideal to purchase a group of tickets together so that all members of the group can sit with one another.

Day of the Match

When looking at tickets to buy, shoppers should be sure to check the day or dates for the event. Since the semi-finals span over several days, it can be easy to purchase tickets for the wrong day, by accident. The buyer should be sure to double-check his or her purchase before finalising the transaction.

Finding Deals on ATP Semi-Finals Tickets

People who wish to attend the ATP semi-finals but do not have a lot of money to spend often look for better deals on tickets. One of the best ways to do this is to purchase multiple tickets at once. Full-day passes and multi-day tickets offer a discount per ticket. Likewise, when shopping for tickets, the buyer can get a discount for buying multiple seats at once. When looking for deals, the buyer needs consider buying tickets early and looking for the best postage rates.

Purchase Tickets Early

People who wish to attend the ATP semi-finals should purchase tickets as soon as possible. However, this cannot be done if the buyer has his or heart set seeing a particular player, since the playing schedules are only set much closer to the tournament. However, tickets to the ATP semi-finals sell out quickly. The sooner that the tickets are purchased the better. This is especially important for people who wish to attend the event with a large group, since finding a large block of seats together is difficult as it gets closer to the event.

Postage and Packaging

Another aspect that must be taken into consideration when making a purchase is postage and packaging. No matter if the tickets are purchased directly through AXS or from another vendor, like eBay, the tickets must be sent via post to the buyer. Buying tickets early ensures that the tickets arrive in time before the event. When purchasing through AXS, buyers can expect to pay an additional fee for postage on top of the original ticket price. When purchasing tickets through eBay, buyers can find sellers who are willing to cover the cost and so offer free postage and packaging . Additionally, buyers can pay extra for expedited postage if they need the tickets to arrive in a shorter time frame.

How to Find ATP Tennis Semi-Finals Tickets on eBay

If you are looking for discounts and better deals on tickets for the ATP tennis semi-finals, then eBay is the place to shop. Tennis fans who have purchased tickets but learn later that they are no longer able to attend the event seek to recover the cost of the tickets by reselling the tickets on eBay. When purchasing tickets on eBay, shoppers do not have to worry about add-on costs like service charges. This means that you can find tickets that are cheaper on eBay compared with other vendors.

Searching for Event Tickets

Begin your search for ATP tennis semi-finals tickets by performing a basic keyword search. By using keywords to describe the tickets you are looking for, the local search engine returns all listings that match the relevant keywords. You can then narrow down the listings by specifying the quantity, venue, day, and price that you wish to pay. Be sure to read the description of the item in the listing before making a purchase. 


The ATP semi-finals is a worldwide event that take place over eight days. The top men in the sport compete over the course of the week in hopes of taking home the title. Fans from all over the world gather to watch their favourite players compete. Before attending the semi-finals, it is important for fans to ensure that they have their tickets ready. Without the right tickets, one is not able to gain admittance to the playing sessions. An individual ticket allows a person to watch one session, which includes one singles and one doubles match. A buyer can also purchase tickets for multiple sessions. Each day of the tournament has two sessions: afternoon and night. Fans looking for good deals on tickets often turn to online sellers who resell tickets on market platforms like eBay. Very often the tickets are offered with no fees attached or postage charges, making eBay a good venue to track down reasonably priced tickets to the ATP tennis semi-finals. Watching a game of tennis might even spur you on to play yourself, so make sure you have all your sporting goods necessary.