How to Buy Headphones with a Long Cord

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How to Buy Headphones with a Long Cord

Many individuals use headphones to listen to music at home or when out and about, to watch television, for gaming, or producing music and other audio files. For individuals looking to use their headphones around the home, office, or sound studio, they may like to buy a set of headphones with a long cord, which can provide the flexibility of movement and comfort they need while wearing their headphones.

Long cord headphones are available for sale from a selection of electronics stores, major department stores, and specialty audio stores. Consumers also choose to head online to find headphones with a long cord. eBay provides buyers with a wide selection from a range of top quality brands. Furthermore, headphones come with single or double-sided cabling and different cord lengths, as well as a range of different earpiece types. In order to make an informed purchase decision, consumers are advised to be aware of their options when purchasing a new pair of headphones with a long cord.

Single-Sided or Double-Sided Cabling Cords for Headphones

When looking at buying a new set of headphones, consumers have the option of buying single-sided or double-sided headphones. Choosing which type of cabling is important when purchasing headphones with a long cord, as the cord needs to be comfortable and practical.

Single-Sided Headphones

Single-sided headphones have cabling attached to only one earpiece, usually the left earpiece. The majority of stereo headphones feature single-sided cabling. This type of cabling is usually more comfortable and practical to use. The single cord is less likely to get in the way of what the user is doing, whether on the computer, laptop, watching TV, or DJ'ing. Individuals looking for a top quality pair of single-sided headphones can choose from such brands as Ultrasone or Bose.

Some brands have started making single-sided headphones connected to the right earpiece. Headphones with volume or on off controls are becoming more popular with having the cord attached to the right side. This is because the majority of users are right handed.

Double-Sided Headphones

Double-sided headphones have a cable running from each earpiece, where they meet in a Y-shape to form one single cord. This type of cabling is used on earbud type headphones as well as many top of the range professional headphones, such as those made by Denon or Grado.

When purchasing headphones with a long cord, many consumers prefer double-sided headphones as the long cord length can feel like it is pulling on single-sided headphones. The dual cord connection to each earpiece can balance the weight of the long heavy cord.

Different Headphone Cord Lengths

Headphones come in a range of cord lengths, from wireless headphones with no cord at all right through to headphones that feature cords several metres in length. The ideal length of a headphone cord depends on how the headphones are to be used.

Benefits of Using Headphones with a Long Cord

Those who want to watch television with their headphones tend to want a pair that is long enough to extend from their TV to their lounge chair. DJs, musicians, and sound technicians often benefit from headphones with a long cord because it allows them to move easily between different pieces of audio equipment without having to continually keep putting their headphones on and off. Headphones are readily available with 2 and 3 metre cord lengths.

For those who want extra-long cords but are having trouble finding headphones with a cord in excess of 3 metres, they may like to purchase a headphone extension cord. By choosing an extension cord, individuals can purchase a 5, 10, or 15 metre extension in order to easily and cost effectively convert their 2 or 3 metre headphones into a very long cable length.

Long Corded Headphone Types

There are several types of headphones, and they are available with different cord lengths. The following table provides an overview of the different types of headphones available and a description of each.

Headphone Types



Small buds that sit in the outer part of the ear; inexpensive, lightweight, and portable; often used for MP3 players, iPods, and mobile phones; features double-sided cabling with relatively short cord length

Canal buds

Halfway between earbuds and in-ear canalphones; tend to be less expensive than in-ear canalphones; offer better sound quality than earbuds; features double-sided cabling and tend to have short cord length

In-Ear Canal

Offer ideal sound quality for small portable headphones; sits deep in the ear canal, portable, and often has longer cord than earbuds; can become uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time

Ear Pad Headphones

Sits on the ear; better sound quality than the smaller earbud and canalphone types; can have single or double-sided cabling and often comes in a range of cord lengths

Full Headphones

Large and heavy type of headphones; provides optimum sound quality; sits over the ear as opposed to on or in the ear; large price range; comes in a range of cord lengths, readily available up to 3 m in length

The larger headphones tend to come with longer cords, giving the user greater flexibility when using them. The type of headphones individuals choose depends on budget, how they plan to use their headphones, and personal preference.

On-Ear and In-Ear Long Corded Headphones

On-ear headphones tend to come with longer cords than in-ear headphones. The significant difference between on-ear and in-ear headphones is their portability and size.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones are divided into two groups: supra-aural and circumaural. Both groups of headphones are available with various cord lengths. On-ear headphones provide greater sound quality than in-ear headphones. Supra-aural headphones, otherwise known as ear pad headphones, have the ear pads sitting on the ear. Some brands, such as Grado, specialise in making top quality supra-aural headphones.

Circumaural headphones are sometimes referred to as earcup headphones or over-ear headphones. These types of headphones completely enclose the ear. The ear pad does not sit against the ear. Instead the earpiece cups the entire ear. Large in size and heavier than other types of headphones, circumaural headphones are not considered an ideal option for those who want a portable set of headphones. Circumaural headphones are considered to provide superior sound quality.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones include earbuds, canalbuds, and in-ear canalphones. In-ear headphones are lightweight, portable, and usually less expensive than on-ear headphones. They tend to come with a shorter cord length than on-ear headphones, so consumers looking for portable headphones that sit in the ear may like to think about using an extension cord. Many users find in-ear headphones become uncomfortable to wear after a long period of time. The sound quality they offer tends to be inferior to on-ear headphones. Consumers looking to listen to music on the go should consider in-ear headphones.

Open and Closed Long Corded Headphones

Both in-ear and on-ear headphones come in open and closed styles. Each of these styles offers the user some advantages and disadvantages.

Open Headphones

Open headphones allow sound to leak out as well as allowing other outside sounds to be heard and interfere with listening quality. Some individuals find open headphones beneficial as it allows them to hear what is going on around them while listening through their headphones. Open headphones are believed to produce a more open, rounded sound, similar to listening to an open air concert. Headphones designed for use outdoors, such as for wearing while jogging are usually open headphones, as they allow individuals to listen in comfort while remaining aware of their surroundings.

Closed Headphones

Closed headphones are designed to isolate the sound, also isolating the wearer from his or her environment. Outside interference noise is greatly limited with closed headphones. Because closed headphones enclose the entire ear, they are large, are quite heavy, and not designed to be portable. Many audiophiles like to use closed headphones. Closed headphones tend to come with a long cord, and many brands make closed headphones with a cord several metres in length.

How to Buy Headphones with a Long Cord on eBay

To buy headphones with a long cord on eBay, you simply head to eBay's home page and type "headphones" into the search bar. This provides you with an overview of all the different types of headphones available and an idea of their prices. Because this search brings up a list of many products, it may be easier to filter the results of this search to something more specific. Simply click on the search category options to refine the search. You can search by headphone brand, its use, condition, price range, earpiece type, fit design, connectivity, or features. Alternatively, you search using a specific phrase, such as "Sony sports headphones" or "Sennheiser closed headphones".

Once you have found a pair of headphones with a long cord that you would like to buy, it is advisable to read the listing description carefully. Take note of the seller's previous feedback, the preferred method of payment, delivery options and costs, as well as the seller's return policy. Many consumers choose to buy items from reputable sellers. These sellers are easily identified by their Top-rated seller status.


Whether buying headphones for the home, office, sound studio, or for use while out and about, consumers have several options when looking for headphones with a long cord. A long cord offers flexibility of movement and comfort for the wearer. Corded headphones come with either single or double-sided cabling, which can range in length from around 1 metre up to 3 metres or more. Some individuals prefer single-sided cabling, while others only want their headphones to connect to both earpieces. The different types of long cord headphones available include on-ear and in-ear headphones and open or closed headphones. The type of headphones individuals choose depends on how they plan to use them, budget, and personal preference.

Shopping for headphones with a long cord is simple when consumers head online to eBay. eBay makes buying any type of headphones simple and straightforward. With simple search methods, secure payment options, and reputable sellers, eBay users can purchase a new pair of headphones with confidence.