How to Buy Replacement Airbags on eBay

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How to Buy Replacement Airbags on eBay

Airbags are safety devices installed in cars to help protect the driver and passengers during a car accident. These bags of nitrogen gas have helped to save thousands of lives and have prevented injuries from occurring. Therefore, drivers need to ensure that the airbags in the car function correctly. This may mean replacing an old or used airbag with one that is in proper working order. As airbags are unique and require special parts to operate properly, they tend to be expensive. Rather than buying directly from the manufacturer or a third party dealer, consider using eBay to find the appropriate replacement airbags.

eBay is an online listing site that provides a single place where thousands of sellers can compete with each other to find buyers, creating a market that is perfect for the car owner on a budget. Before visiting the site, take the time to understand the information required to buy replacement airbags on eBay quickly and effectively.

Reasons for Replacing Airbags

Drivers need to replace the airbags in their cars when the previously installed airbags deploy, are faulty, or the car is being refurbished. Airbags are designed to be used only once. They are made of three components: a thin, folded nylon bag, the inflation device, and a sensor. Airbags are set to inflate when the sensor registers an impact of at least 16 to 24 kilometres per hour. The inflation device mixes a small amount of sodium azide and potassium nitrate to produce nitrogen gas that inflates the folded nylon bag quickly. Once used, the airbag cannot be refolded safely and there are no replacement inflation devices. However, there are replacement airbags.

The airbag does contain an explosive device, so it is best to have it installed by a professional mechanic. Drivers may save some money by purchasing a replacement airbag on eBay. Many sellers have these devices for different vehicles.

Understand the Placement of Airbags

The number of airbags in a car varies according to the manufacturer. Modern cars have multiple airbags, so knowing specifically where the airbag is positioned and the jargon associated with it is important. Buyers should replace all of the airbags in the car when purchasing new ones. Speak to a mechanic if help is required to work out which airbags are needed and how many so that the car provides complete coverage for the driver and passengers. Below is a table listing the different types of placement for airbags in a car.

Airbag Placement




Driver side steering wheel

Passenger side dashboard

Protects the head and face during a front end collision


Side bags in the door panels

Curtain airbags across the roof

Protects the front and rear passengers from a side impact


Below the steering column

Below the glove compartment

Protect the legs during impact



Curtain airbags across the rear roof and window frame

Protects the back of the head and neck during a collision

When buying airbags on eBay, use the details about the placement on the car in the search field to filter the results. The placement options include the front, rear, left, and right side of the car.

Check the Condition of Replacement Airbags

Buyers can purchase replacement airbags in range of conditions. New and used airbags are available. Used airbags have not been inflated and may have been removed from another car that was sold for parts. Used replacement airbags may show signs of cosmetic wear, but they are considered fully operational and functional by the seller. Check that the seller has performed a safety check to ensure that the sensor and circuits are all in working order.

Set a Budget for Replacement Airbags

Replacement airbags can be expensive due to their unique operation and importance for safety in the car. Buying them on eBay may allow buyers an opportunity to get them at a discounted price. It is recommended to browse several listings for airbags to get an idea of the fair market value. Then use the price filters to narrow down the listings to those that fit into the buyer's budget. This feature makes it easier find the most appropriately priced replacement airbags quickly.

Another way to reduce the cost of the airbags is to check the delivery fees. Some sellers may not charge a delivery fee and others may include it in the item price. Confirm whether there is a delivery fee by reading the item description on eBay and comparing prices of similar airbags. It may also be possible to collect the replacement airbags if the seller is local.

Search for Replacement Airbags on eBay

Before searching for replacement airbags on eBay, it is necessary to determine the make, model, and year of the car. Once this information is in hand, it is easy for drivers to search for appropriate products. The quickest way to search for any item on the site is by using the search engine at the top of every eBay page. This search engine looks through all of the listings on eBay, regardless of where they are located, for example in eBay Motors or a seller's eBay Shop.

Using the search engine is easy. Just enter the information into the search box, for example, type "Volkswagen Golf 2002 airbag" or "BMW 3 series front airbag". eBay returns a results page with all of the matching product listings for those search terms. It is also possible to search for airbag parts, such as "airbag control module". Buyers should be specific about the type of airbag in order to filter out results for sensors, steering wheels, and other related accessories. The category links can be used to refine the listing on the search results page. eBay also has an advanced search feature, which allows buyers to have more control over the search. Read eBay's search tips for more ideas about effective searching.

eBay Shops

Buyers may find a larger selection of specific brands of airbags and other accessories in one of the eBay Shops. The shops are run by sellers that typically specialise in certain car manufacturers, models, or types of parts and accessories. The shops allow them to list their products in a single place. Many sellers with shops are professionals with good reputations and good quality items. Some shops are run by individuals and others may function as small businesses.

eBay Shops are a useful option if buyers have purchased from the seller before and want to go directly to the same retailer because of a good experience. Buyers can browse through the products at a glance. Buying from a shop may also make it easier to purchase a number of different airbags and accessories and bundle them to save on postage and packaging fees. This also means that the parts may all be delivered at the same time.

Review the Item Listing

Read the item listing before committing to a purchase of replacement airbags. Check that the desired bags are for the specific make, model, and year of car. Be extremely cautious with used bags and ensure that they have been removed carefully from the previous vehicle and not involved in an accident. Examine any photos for signs of wear or damage. If any information required to make a purchase is not available in the item listing, then contact the seller directly using the "Ask a question" link. Good sellers respond quickly and are happy to provide additional details to ensure a positive transaction.

Seller History

The seller's history is an important element to review before purchasing any items on eBay, especially replacement airbags that are important for the safety of the driver and passengers. You can read previous customer comments and view the seller's rating by clicking on the seller's name in any listing. Use the customer feedback to get a good idea of whether the seller offers good quality products and customer service. Sellers are ranked on communication, delivery speed, and whether items arrive in working order. Take into account the number of previous sales that the retailer has made when looking for a reliable seller.


Replacing airbags is sometimes a necessary task. Due to the sensitivity of the mechanics, the installation should be performed by a professional to ensure that the bags function correctly in the event of an accident. Airbags can be an expensive purchase, so drivers should consider shopping on eBay to find these accessories at less than the retail price. Searching for replacement airbags on eBay is easy using the main search function and filtering using category links. Before shopping, ensure that the make, model, and year of the car are to hand in order to find the most appropriate airbags.

Use the car details to initiate the search. Search for airbags for the appropriate placement on the car, such as front, rear, or right side. eBay allows buyers to search for items within a given price range. This is a useful feature for buyers working within a budget. Remember to factor in any delivery fees to calculate the total cost of the replacement airbags. eBay sellers offer a range of replacement airbags for a variety of cars.