How to Buy Super King Size Sheets

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How to Buy Super King Size Sheets

The dimensions of a mattress are usually the determining factor in defining a bed size. The size of the bed frame may vary, although manufacturers opt to regulate the frame sizes as well. Contemporary beds tend to all have a similar length but vary in width. The standard length for any bed size is generally 190 - 200 centimetres. And, a super king sized bed’s width is generally 180 - 190 centimetres, which makes it an almost perfect square.

Some super king size bed frames are made as two twin frames while others are made as one large frame. In the UK, most super king size bed frames are made as one single frame from a variety of materials. Wood and metal frames were always popular, but now fabric and leather beds seem to have piqued more consumers’ interests.

Super king size bed owners may have a problem buying bedding items if they are unaware of certain details. For instance, they should know the dimensions of their super king size bed, understand various bedding jargons, and know how to identify quality sheets.

Bed Size Chart

Depending on when and where the bed was purchased, buyers may think that they have a super king size bed when it is in fact a regular king size or even a queen. Before buyers go out and start buying new sheets, they should be certain that they do indeed own a super king size bed. The chart below can help determine actual bed sizes based on standard measurements.


Width (cm)

Length (cm)

Single / Bunk









Super King



When buying bed sheets, buyers should aim to acquire direct measurements or a size chart from the seller to ensure that the bedding can fit their beds comfortably. If no chart is provided, buyers should measure their beds and compare the dimensions with the ones in the chart above to determine the right sheet size to purchase because most sellers will simply write: single, double, king, or super king size in their sale listings.

If the buyers do provide the sheet measurements as opposed to naming the size, the bedding size chart further below can be used to help select the right size sheets for a super king size bed.

Bedding Size Chart

Some buyers do not consider the extra leverage needed in bedding items. In essence, they do not always remember that sheet dimensions should be a lot wider and longer than the actual bed dimensions so that the sheets hang down around the sides. This is especially necessary when no bed skirt is installed. The chart below indicates the various sheet sizes necessary for different bed sizes. All sizes are in centimetres and are estimated based on standard measurements.

Bed Size

Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet



90 x 190 x 20

180 x 260

135 x 200


135 x 190 x 20

220 x 260

200 x 200


150 x 200 x 20

265 x 275

225 x 220

Super King

183 x 200 x 20

280 x 290

260 x 220


Fitted sheets comprise a third dimension, which refers to the depth of the pockets. In essence, most if not all standard fitted sheets have a 20 centimetre pocket depth to fit over the corners of the mattress. More information on fitted sheets can be found in the section below.

Bedding Terms and Jargons

There may be occasions when buyers know the dimensions of their beds and the sheet size that they require, but they are unaware of what is being sold when they view an online listing for bedding. Buyers should view the bedding jargon chart for a better understanding of what each item represents and to better comprehend the seller's listings. The items below are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference. Some super king size sheet sets may only have the flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases, but more advanced "bed in a bag" sheet sets have most if not all the items listed below.

Bed Skirt or Dust Ruffle

A bed skirt is a decorative piece of material that encircles the bed frame and falls down over the legs of the bed. It is spread between the mattress and the bed frame and hangs around the base like a curtain. It is also called valance or bed curtain


A comforter is a blanket-like bed cover that is often spread atop the flat sheet or used in its place. Comforters are not usually very fluffy but do create a lot of warmth. They are generally reversible and can be machine washed. Also, they are not very long and often have matching pillow shams for decoration and bed skirts to cover the lower parts of the bed. Duvets are sometimes referred to as comforters and vice versa, but duvets tend to be fluffier and thicker.

Fitted Sheet

A fitted Sheet is a bottom sheet that fits snugly on the mattress. Fitted sheets may have different pocket depths, which refers to the thickness and depth of the mattress. The standard size is approximately 20 centimetres, but there are also deep and extra deep pocket sizes for really thick mattresses.

Pillow Shams

Pillow Shams are decorative pillowcases that often accompany bedding sets. They generally match the fabric, colour, and style of the comforter or duvet.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows are decorative pillows that are generally small and square. People usually do not use them as pillows to sleep on. Their coverings are generally fixed and not removable or interchangeable.

Thread Count and Sheet Quality

The thread count of a piece of fabric is a good indicator of its quality. Thread count refers to the count of the number of threads that makes up a square centimetre in any woven fabric. The count is calculated by finding the sum of the vertical and horizontal threads.

The fineness or coarseness of a sheet set is determined by its thread count, where the tighter woven fabrics have a higher thread count and are considered better quality. The regular standard for cotton sheets is 150 thread count. 180 thread count sheets are considered good quality and anything with 200 or more thread count is considered excellent quality.

How to Buy Super King Size Sheets on eBay

Finding super king size sheets may sometimes pose a problem because they are not always stocked in local and online stores. Some stores may stock super king size sheets, but the variety is often limited to drab and dreary colours and designs.

If you are looking for a convenient way to buy super king size sheets, you should consider buying them on eBay. It hosts many bedding sellers who in turn offer a wide variety of super king size sheets in many different colours and designs.

If you are uncertain of the design or colour that you need, it is best to perform a general search for super king size sheets from the eBay homepage. Doing so generates a vast number of results from which you can draw inspiration to perform a more refined search. For instance, if you find that you are drawn to striped or floral patterns based on the sheets you have already seen, you can simply perform another search to filter out all other options. You could type "super king floral sheets" and that would give you a list of sheets that you would be more inclined to buy.

After you have refined your search, you can further narrow down the results by adding specific filters based on your preferences. You could add a colour filter or a price filter if you have a specific budget. These filters will ensure that you do not waste time browsing through numerous sheets sets that would probably not appeal to you. When you have narrowed down your choices, contact the sellers to finalize shipping and purchasing details.


It can be hard to find sheets for super king size beds if buyers do not know where to look and what to look for. eBay makes the task a bit easier by providing a wide variety and various filters to eliminate a lengthy browsing process. However, before buyers go about searching for super king size sheets, they should ensure that the following factors have been considered. Buyers should ensure that they in fact own a standard super king size bed or make a note of its dimensions if it does not equally compare to standard sizes. They should consult a bedding size chart to get an idea of the various sheet sizes and what would be appropriate for their beds.

Even after the sizes have been confirmed, some buyers may get confused by the numerous bedding terms that are used by sheet sellers; therefore, buyers should familiarize themselves with the various jargons that may be seen in a listing. Once they understand what to look for, buyers should ensure that they buy quality sheets by paying attention to the thread count and contacting the sellers for detailed information if necessary.