How to Buy Wheel Bearings for a Vauxhall on eBay

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How to Buy Wheel Bearings for a Vauxhall on eBay

Practically every component in a car wears out over time and needs to be replaced, including the wheel bearings. A very popular car brand in the UK, Vauxhall cars are quite reliable as many of their models scored very good points on the UK Reliability Index. Although Vauxhall produces reliable cars, their wheel bearings may wear out over time. Therefore, Vauxhall owners who have had their cars for a long time should be aware of the condition of their Vauxhall wheel bearings and know when to change them and how to detect any malfunctions.

Having the wheel bearings on one's car in good condition is extremely important as malfunctioning or worn out wheel bearings can do further harm to the car and even put drivers in danger. Therefore, buying the right wheel bearings for one's Vauxhall is crucial. Buyers can find Vauxhall wheel bearings from various suppliers and at various prices on eBay. When shopping on eBay buyers may be mainly looking for a good deal. Although it is understandable that car owners would like to cut cost on their purchase, it is important to remember that some cheap wheel bearings can be of low quality and may not last long at all.

What are Wheel Bearings?

Wheel bearings can be found on all four wheels of a car, and they are crucial components since they support the vehicle's weight and also allow the wheels to rotate efficiently with minimal stress. Wheel bearings are very durable and withstand a lot of weight every time owners drive their car or carry heavy loads. Typically designed to last more than 200,000 kilometres, wheel bearings can still wear out prematurely especially if owners put constant heavy load on their cars.

These components may be quite small, but having them properly placed inside the wheel hub is important. Besides repeatedly being subject to heavy loads, wheel bearings can malfunction if they are misaligned. Grease is also extremely important to wheel bearings, and leaking grease seals can prove disastrous for them. Damaged seals allow the grease to leak out and dirt and water to enter and damage the bearings.

Buying Vauxhall Wheel Bearings on eBay

Car owners should always ensure that the wheel bearings on their Vauxhall are functioning well to avoid further damage to the wheels and suspension system. Therefore, car owners should know when they need to replace their wheel bearings. This can be done by periodically checking and replacing the wheel bearings.

When to Replace the Wheel Bearings

First of all, one should know that wheel bearings can last for a very long time and do not need to be replaced often. Most of the time, car owners only need to replace their wheel bearings when they have malfunctioned or are worn out. There are several ways one can use to determine the condition of the wheel bearing on their Vauxhall. The first method is to listen for any squeaking and grinding noise while driving. Sometimes, the sound intensity may change at certain speeds. Old wheel bearings can also cause the steering to feel jerky and wander off to the side while driving, so this is another thing to look out for.

The other method to check the condition of wheel bearings is to jack up the car and shake the wheels. If they wiggle too much, the bearings may be loose and should be replaced. These signs often indicate that the wheel bearings need to be replaced and they should not be ignored as the consequences could be disastrous. If owners noticed any of these signs, they should consult a professional and get their cars inspected.

Choosing the Right Wheel Bearings

When buying wheel bearings for their Vauxhall, it is important for owners to choose the right ones. First of all they should check whether the wheel bearing model matches their car. For example, if they have a Vauxhall Zafira, they might need different wheel bearings than a Vauxhall Corsa since the cars are different in weight and size.

Number of Studs

Also, owners should consider the number of studs on their wheel bearings. It is important to choose a wheel bearing with the correct number of studs since they are the parts that have bolts to connect to the wheel on the car. Buyers can usually find wheel bearings with four or five studs, though it is always important to check the bearings on a certain Vauxhall model before buying.

Front or Rear Wheel Bearings

Owners also need to know where their wheel bearings are located on their Vauxhall cars. Front and rear wheel bearings tend to be different since they need to bear a slightly different amount of weight. Also, buyers should know that on most cars, the non-drive wheels often have packable wheel bearings, meaning that they are not permanently sealed and can be opened. This means that on a front wheel drive car, the front wheel bearings have a sealed hub on them, whereas the rear ones can have packable bearings.

ABS Compatibility

For a car's ABS to function correctly, it needs to be able to obtain the correct information from the car's wheels. Often times, buyers purchase the wrong wheel bearings for their Vauxhall and face the problem of having their ABS warning light stay on every time they drive. Wheel bearings for cars with ABS have sensors to tell the ABS whether the wheel is locked or moving. Some wheel bearings use magnetic implants to communicate with the car's ABS, while some use toothed rings. Buyers need to make sure that the wheel bearing they are getting is compatible with their Vauxhall model, but if the wheel bearing is not specific for their car model, they should make sure it is compatible with their car's ABS.

Finding the Right Wheel Bearing on eBay

eBay has a wide variety of wheel bearings for Vauxhalls, and buyers can look for the bearings they need just by performing a search on the website. They can search for a variety of keywords including searching for wheel bearings for a specific Vauxhall model or bearings with a certain number of studs. When looking for the right wheel bearings, buyers should know what kind of bearings they have on their car and whether they want front or rear wheel bearings.

Buyers should also focus on getting high quality wheel bearings instead of just looking for low prices. After all, wheel bearings are crucial parts on any car and play a big role in a car's performance and safety. To reduce the cost of their wheel bearings, buyers can look for local sellers or sellers that are close to their area to minimise the shipping costs. Also, buyers should always try to purchase wheel bearings made by reliable and well known manufacturers such as Blue Print and First Line.


Vauxhalls are reliable cars and last for many years as long as the owner takes care of them. However, they also have parts that need to be replaced from time to time, and wheel bearings are no exception. The wheel bearings on any car are extremely important as they cushion the wheels and enable them to move with less friction. The four wheel bearings on a car also support its weight and are always under a lot of stress. Therefore, owners should know the condition of their wheel bearings and when to replace them.

Finding the right wheel bearings for a Vauxhall is quite simple since Vauxhall is a popular brand in the UK and buyers shopping on eBay only need to use eBay's search features to find the wheel bearings they want. When choosing the right bearing for their cars, owners should find those that are compatible with their cars by looking at the number of studs on the bearing, its model type, and also its placement on the car.