How to Buy a Bikini if You Have a Small Chest

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How to Buy a Bikini if You Have a Small Chest

The swimsuit can be one of the most flattering, or one of the most intimidating, articles of clothing that a woman can wear. Many women enjoy wearing bikinis, especially if they feel that they are flattered by the clothing. Other women fear that bikinis will accentuate what they consider to be problem areas including the tummy, bust, and rear.

Many girls are intimidated by the bikini if they have a small bust, mainly because most bikinis are made for small, medium, or large sizes rather than by cup size. A bikini cup that is too large will only accentuate what isn’t there, which can make some women feel self-conscious despite the fact that a smaller bust is completely natural and flattering.

However, there are many styles of bikinis that are specifically designed to flatter women with a small chest. This guide explains which styles flatter and enhance a small bust, and which styles do not. Girls with a smaller bust can choose appropriate, flattering bikini to wear on the beach, in the swimming pool, or anywhere else where a bikini is required.

Create Curves or Flattering a Small Bust?

One of the most important considerations for women or girls trying to purchase a bikini is whether they want to create the illusion of curves or want to flatter what they have. Many women choose a combination of the two in order to gently enhance the bust while flattering the look with appropriate styles and colours. Some women choose to accentuate curves with enhancing fabrics while others choose to flaunt what they have and choose styles that simply flatter more gentle curves.

For anyone who is very self-conscious about their bust, wearing bust-enhancing bikinis can help. Women can choose bikinis with built-in padding for swimming or choose to insert either fabric or silicone slips. If the bikini is to be worn for swimming, it is important that the inserts be either sewn into the bikini or come as part of the design, otherwise they could fall out in the water.

A small bust is best flattered by bright colours, patterns, and styles that draw attention to the chest but won’t necessarily draw attention to a small bust. Instead, bold patterns give the illusion of size. Other great options for flattering a small bust include the bandeau, front-tie bikinis and triangles.

Styles that Flatter a Small Chest

Women who want to choose a bikini to flatter a small bust should choose from a few set selections that have long been proven to flatter. These include triangle tops, front ties, underwires, and more. Women who choose appropriate styles can improve how they look in a bikini without enhancing the size of the bust.


The bandeau is a solid band of fabric that circles the chest to cover the bust. Usually, bandeaus do not have straps, which makes them excellent for anyone who wants to avoid tan lines. On larger-chested women, they can fall, slide, and sag. This means bandeaus are perfect for women with a small chest. For the perfect, flattering bandeau, women should choose bright colours and patterns and then go with a plain bikini bottom.

Triangle Tops

Triangle bikinis lift and separate the bust, and create a very perky look without showing a great deal of skin. Triangle tops are also relatively inexpensive and can be purchased with light padding for a small amount of bust enhancement. Because they often tie at the top and bottom and are usually halter style,, triangle bikini tops are not always suitable for swimming as they might come off.


Underwire bikinis are the best style for adding padding because they provide more support to help keep the padding from slipping. Underwire bras provide support to the bust in the same way that an underwire bra does. Usually underwire bras can create a small amount of cleavage without the use of padding or filling.

Front Ties and Retro Styles

A front-tie bikini can do wonders for enhancing the smallest of cleavage because this style of bra pulls the breasts forward and together. Retro styles often tie in the front and are usually quite fashionable, no matter the season. Women who want to wear retro styles can pair them with high-waist bikini bottoms or shorts, or wear a traditional bikini.

Padded Bikinis

A padded bikini is one that comes with a certain amount of padding built into it. Popular styles include cloth, air, and gel padding. Usually it’s better for women to choose a small amount of padding because it will look more natural than thicker options.


The bustier or bralet is a wide bikini style that often covers a small portion of the upper rib cage. Usually no more than a few centimetres wide, the bustier provides lift and support while creating a wider section of fabric that therefore draws the eye to the bust and enhances the appearance of size. The bustier is often considered old fashioned but can be very flattering, especially to women with a pear-shaped body.

Gel and Silicone Inserts

Women who want to enhance their bust should look for foam, gel, and silicone inserts that can easily be pushed into the bikini. These are best worn when not swimming, when inserted into a pocket, or when purchased as part of the bikini. Bikini inserts are usually best off when used for minimal enhancement rather than to try to go up one or two cup sizes.

Plunging Bathing Suit

The bathing suit is sometimes considered a bikini, but should be avoided by women with small busts, except under one condition. If the cleavage extends very low such as with plunge bathing suits, it won’t emphasise the size of the bust. In fact, a woman with a small chest can pull off styles that would be too revealing on women with larger breasts. Cut-out bathing suits with open areas on the back, belly, and ribs can be very flattering as well.

What Types of Bikini to Avoid

Women with a smaller chest should avoid certain styles, prints, and colours in order to avoid emphasising the size of their bust. Some very feminine prints and patterns can make women with a small chest look much younger. This effect should usually be avoided because it does not flatter the body. Women can choose options they like, but avoiding a ‘girly’ impression is usually a good thing, especially for women with very straight figures.

Avoiding Girly Prints

While it’s true that polka dots, hearts, small flowers, and other girly patterns are usually in style, they can also make a woman with a small chest look very young. Women who want to avoid any impression that they are in their early teen years should avoid prints that will make them look more girly.

The Thing About Frills

Frills are a delicate subject when it comes to bikinis made to enhance the bust. Frills, including those made of lace, can be very flattering because they enhance the physical size of the bust with pure volume. If done correctly, they will create the illusion of more curves, which will be very flattering for a small-chested woman.

Solid Body Bathing Suits

A solid-body bathing suit with no frills, patterns, or cut-outs will most definitely de-emphasise the bust. Solid-body bikinis create a solid line that goes up from the hips and will actually minimise the bust, even on women with a large chest. Women who want to wear one-piece bikinis should choose cut-outs, plunging bust lines, and bright patterns or colours in order to avoid creating the illusion of a flat chest.

Special Considerations

There are eight different body types for women and four of those shapes feature a smaller chest. Women should consider what bikini they want to purchase based on their body shape as well as their chest size. For example, a woman with a rectangle shape will usually have a straight figure with little to no curve between hip and waist. For this figure, it’s necessary to emphasise curves without overwhelming the figure. Women with this figure should go for triangle bikini tops with side-tie bottoms. These are ‘cute’ and look good on the figure without overwhelming the straight lines.

On the reverse side, women with a pear-shaped body should consider doing two things. The first is to purchase bikini top and bottom separately in order to ensure a good fit, and the second is to choose large volume bikini tops such as bustiers, front ties, and wide bikini tops. This helps to balance the figure to create a more even impression between top and bottom. Pear-shaped women should avoid wearing one-piece bikinis because they emphasise the bottom and make the top look smaller.

Buying Bikinis on eBay

Women looking for a wide range of bikinis including one-piece, triangle, padded, micro, bustier, plunging, and underwire can do a simple search on eBay to find what they are looking for. Women can find any style, colour, or pattern that they like by searching for the bikini. Options include popular brands, styles, and even out-of-country styles that might not be available in local shops. Bikinis are also available year round on eBay, including in winter months when they might not be available in local stores.

If you’re looking for a bikini, decide what style you would like, or if you just want to browse, and visit the home page of eBay. From there, you can search for the style, size, or other features that you are looking for. If you want to browse to see what’s available, simply type in a generic search term such as ‘bikinis&’, or, for example, ‘aqua bikini&’ for a more specific colour.

In most cases, you can find any type of bikini you are looking for, even if you want something that isn’t available in your area. However, purchasing from local sellers means that your bikini will arrive quicker than when ordering from overseas sellers. If you are worried about shipping times, you may want to ask the seller about estimated time before you make the purchase.


Women with a small chest can choose from a wide range of bikinis but are usually most flattered by bikinis that provide support, have patterns, and often that are more voluminous. Women with straight figures and a small bust are complemented by small bikinis including triangle, string, and micro. Bright colours and patterns help to enhance the bust naturally. Women with triangle figures should wear bright colours or patterns and should look for larger bikini tops in order to help balance their figure.

For one-piece bikinis, the most flattering styles are cut-out, plunging bust lines, bright and bold patterns, or with widely different colours on the waist to create a slimmer silhouette. Women can also choose to purchase bikini tops with padding, use gel, or silicone inserts, or even use an air cushion to create faux curves. These are excellent options for temporarily enhancing the bust, but should be used with care when swimming.

Bikinis can be purchased at online shops such as eBay and other stores and in high-street shops. Women should consider their figure, the colours, and the styles they like before purchasing a bikini.

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