How to Buy a Henna Tattoo Kit on eBay

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How to Buy a Henna Tattoo Kit on eBay

Henna art has been practiced for over 6000 years, and since the 1980s has become a part of popular culture. It is now considered to be a widely acceptable form of body art and self-expression. Originating with the Egyptians back in 1574 BCE, henna was used to stain hands, nails and hair. Later in history, henna became adopted by the Hindu and Sikh religions, which brought it to the forefront of religious relevance.

Henna tattoos have never been more popular and the advent of henna tattoo kits means that everyone can attempt them in their own home. eBay has become a primary source for henna tattoo kits with sellers across the world offering them at competitive prices.

Types of Henna

The core of any henna tattoo kit is the type of henna it features. There is a wide variety to choose from, all of which offer something different to users. However, it is important to bear in mind that not all henna is suitable for the skin and some can actually be quite harmful when used incorrectly.


Black henna is natural henna that is altered by manufacturers. They add black dye and para-phenylenediamine to darken the substance. Henna is generally safe, but some offerings that include the aforementioned elements can damage the skin. Always err on the side of caution when using black henna, or avoid completely if you are known to have sensitive skin.


Mostly used to dye hair, red henna is considered a great natural alternative to chemical infused hair dying kits. Red henna will bring out hair in a red/orange colour, whilst leaving it feeling silky and full.


Herbal henna is used primarily to stain the skin but also has uses as a hair treatment. It promotes hair growth, which means it isn’t suitable for use on all areas of the body.


When it comes to body art the number one choice should be natural henna.. Even though it isn’t the strongest form, it is kind to the skin and can be manipulated into creating distinctive designs.

Types of Kits

Henna tattoos have become much more than an expression of religion; they are now a form of body art. They allow users to showcase their creativity, and as an art form has seen a boom in popularity. There are henna tattoo kits suitable for all skill levels, so it’s worth exploring what variations are on the market.


Those new to the world of henna will want to start small. Starter kits provide a great taste of both the designs and materials used. Such kits will help users find out if they’re best suited to tubes, cones or applicator bottles.


Considered a step-up from starter kits. Pre-mixed kits consist of high quality henna paste and ready-made henna cones for application. They are perfect for larger events such as birthdays, sleepovers, weddings and mehndi parties


Henna that comes in powder form is known for its easy storage. However it requires more skill to both prepare and use. It is versatile enough to be used via cones, applicator bottles and transfer paper.

Henna tattooing is an art form that requires a high degree of concentration due to the levels of detail that comes with application. Practice makes perfect, so beginners are advised to start small; it is advisable to move onto larger kits and designs when the user is experienced in the practice. eBay caters for all skill levels, thus it is expected that sellers will have kits of all types, and at affordable prices.

Kit Contents

In order to practice henna tattoos either personally or professionally, users should be aware of what comes in a kit.

  • Premium Quality Henna
  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree Oils
  • Transfer Paper
  • Colour Activator
  • Squeeze Bottles

Even though some of these items may seem nonessentialm they are all crucial in the henna tattooing process.

Buying Used

Henna kits are a popular item, and it’s no surprise that the world’s leading online auction site features sellers who list a selection of new kits. In addition, there are also used henna kits on eBay. Even though buying new is preferred, some will see the financial benefits of buying second-hand hard to resist. In such cases, it is beneficial to talk to sellers and ask them the following questions about the item.

  • Is anything missing for the kit? If so, what?
  • How often has the painting tool been used?
  • How regularly has the painting tool been cleaned?
  • Is the henna in powder form or pre-made?
  • Has the henna already been mixed into a paste?
  • Does the kit come fully boxed?

Shoppers want the best quality when they shop on eBay; it’s crucial to know exactly what it is you are buying prior to purchase.


Henna is like every other form of body art, this means that hygiene should be considered the highest priority no matter the type of kit used. Everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes cleanliness, so when using henna on someone always bear in mind their personal preference.

When you come in contact with someone, viruses and bacteria are easily spread.

Sanitiser is a key element and should be used before, during and after the henna tattoo process.

Wipe down trays and implements regularly in order to keep germs to a minimum.

Use gloves when applying henna.

When it comes to henna tattoos, hygiene should always be a priority and it will help artists get the best out of a kit. The above steps will mean that users can utilize their newly acquired kits both safely and effectively.

Final Tips for Buying a Henna Tattoo Kit

Henna tattoos look different on everyone. Location, skin type and body temperature all play their part on the outcome of a henna tattoo. Dry skin will make henna appear darker, while greasy skin can have the opposite effect.  The following are tips that will help bring out the best in a henna tattoo.

Leave the paste on for 6 hours and give it as long as possible to dry. The longer the paste stays on the skin the deeper it will stain.

Keep the area moisturised and warm. Heat will aid staining of the skin whilst moisture will keep it looking fresh.

Whilst the henna tattoo is drying keep it wrapped in either a bandage or cellophane. It helps contain moisture and heat, which will make the stain darker.

Don’t use water to remove the paste; it will wipe the design away. Use either lemon juice or olive oil, both of which will remove the excess paste but won’t affect the design.

Avoid contact with any surface whilst drying. Excess friction and washing will make the stain fade twice as fast.

Keep the area moisturised with either natural oil or butter in order reduce the risk of exfoliation. Exfoliation reduces the tattoos appearance faster than anything else; it’s best to keep the area of skin moist more often than not.


Henna dye has been around for thousands of years and has been used by millions of people around the world. Henna tattoos are commonplace in Africa, Asia and the Middle East; in Europe they have been gaining popularity since the beginning of the 20th century. Designs vary from the bold and large to the small and intricate, they provide a great alternative to ink based tattoos.

Around the world people are embracing henna tattoos as a form of self-expression. Henna tattoo kits have made henna tattoos available to everyone and there is no better time to embrace this new hobby. eBay has kits available from some very respected sellers, so shoppers will be sure to find something that suits their skill level and degree of interest.