How to Buy a Portable Electric Cement Mixer

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How to Buy a Portable Electric Cement Mixer

There are several different types of portable electric cement mixers on the market today. Each of these mixers has its own pros and cons. Some electric mixers may be more suitable for a job than others. It is important to analyse the job that a portable cement mixer needs to do before purchasing one. For small jobs, a smaller mixer may do the job just fine, but for larger jobs, a larger cement mixer may be better. Since there are so many different types of electric cement mixers, careful consideration needs to be taken before purchasing one. They can be purchased at DIY shops and on online outlets, such as eBay.

When selecting a portable electric mixer, size becomes very important. The wrong size mixer may not hold up throughout a job, while a large mixer may leave an overage of mixed concrete. The first thing to consider is whether an electric mixer or a battery-operated one is best for the job, then examine the job to determine which is the best cement mixer for it, and finally, decide on the features of the mixer as the last step.

Battery Operated or Electric?

The two main types of electric cement mixers use two types of power sources. Some mixers have to remain close to an outlet of some kind in order to operate on electricity. Other types of mixers run off of rechargeable batteries that allow for more movement. A third type of mixer exists that combines both a plug-in option and a battery option.

Electric cement mixers tend to be less portable due to the fact that they require an electrical outlet. They do have the advantage of being more versatile than most other mixers. Although some are more powerful than their battery-operated counterparts, most of the electric mixer types are meant for small jobs that do not require a lot of portability. These are generally small do-it-yourself type mixers.

The battery-operated electric cement mixer runs off of a variety of different-sized batteries. Most of the time, like many cordless tools, they have rechargeable batteries. This is something that makes the mixer more convenient to use and something that should be considered before purchasing the mixer. Portable cement mixers with batteries are a lot more versatile and can generally be counted on for bigger jobs and different paving projects. Some small construction companies use portable cement mixers that are battery operated.

The electric cement mixer that has the ability to both plug-in and operate off of a battery is the most versatile and most preferred among contractors. This versatility makes it easier to work with and easier to transport into various situations encountered on the job site.

Deciding Which Cement Mixer Is Best for the Job

One of the harder decisions a buyer has to make when purchasing an electric cement mixer is which type of mixer is right for the job that they are doing. If it is a small job, such as a small brick trail, then the electric wheeled mixers may be best. These come in several different sizes and usually have wheels that act similar to a wheel barrow. The user tilts it up, and then rolls the mixer to where it is needed. These small mixers are not heavy and should be easy to transport. When purchasing one, consider the size of the user and the size of the mixer. If the user cannot move it easily, then another type of electric cement mixer needs to be considered.

There are mixers that sit on four wheels without the need to tilt it up to move it. These are easier to roll for longer jobs or for people who cannot take the weight. When choosing a mixer, it is important to think about the person using it. This type of mixer tends to be a bit larger than the wheelbarrow type of mixer. It is more cumbersome, but it does tend to be easier to move.

There are also power mixers that roll on their own. The same motor that drives the churning motion of the mixer allows the mixer to move. These types of mixer come in two types: console and remote control. These are generally the most expensive mixers, but they are also the easiest to move. These are generally used for bigger jobs, such as full driveways and patios.

When selecting an electric concrete mixer, it needs to match the job that is being done. Too big or too powerful usually means too expensive for a small job. Not big enough tends to mean extra work for the person using it. Take a look at the job, the amount of work to be done, and keep both in mind when selecting an electric concrete mixer. People sometimes plan to purchase a mixer for more than one use. These uses can only make the portable electric cement mixer more beneficial.

Features Available on Electric Concrete Mixers

There are many features available for an electric concrete mixer. Each of the features is designed to make the cementing job easier and faster for the user. Some jobs can get by with a simple mixer while other jobs require a more advanced and versatile cement mixer. Most people do not realise that a cement mixer can be used to mix other things besides cement. They can be used to mix drywall paste, ceiling components, and other liquid, plus solid building materials. Many portable cement mixers are feature-rich despite their smaller size. They can generally compete with large models in the mixing arena.



Automatic churning

Mixes cement and other materials

Push-button mixing

May be too much for certain materials

Adjustable height

Allows for pouring

Can be used in a variety of situations

Not confined to one size

May have adjustable barrel size

Battery and plug


Does not need outlet

Most common

Power tilt

Tilts bucket for easy pouring

No touch spreading

Used to create patterns

Power wheels

No effort to move

Electronic drive

Less power for mixing


Different mixture levels

Allows mixing cement and other substances, such as drywall

More versatile

Can use for different textures

Two wheels

Tip up to move

Smaller mixer

Three wheels

Stroller-like movement

Ease of movement

Can be large or small

Four wheels

Easily moved

Flatter on rougher terrain

Can carry more weight

Can be large or small

The many different features of electric cement mixers can be combined to find the right set of features for the job. Some of the more advanced features make the mixer more portable and easier to use. Unfortunately, most electric features increase both the size of the mixer and the size of the price.

Buying a Portable Electric Cement Mixer on eBay

There are a few things that must be done to find a portable cement mixer on eBay.. All you need to do is type in the keywords that you wish to use, and then click on the search button. This populates a list of different types of mixers. Browse through this list until you see a mixer that suits your needs or the needs of the user. If the search results are too broad, then narrow them down by adding keywords, or if they are too narrow, broaden them by using fewer key terms.

Once you have found the correct mixer for you, simply click on the listing for what you would like. Read the detailed description carefully, making sure that it is what you want before purchasing the electric cement mixer. Since there are so many types of mixers, reading the description helps you to get the correct one. On this page, you may also find a place to ask the seller questions, read feedback about the seller, and learn about the policies for shipping and returning products. The seller is usually more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


There are many options when it comes to purchasing a portable electric cement mixer. It is important to know which features that are needed before shopping for, or purchasing, a mixer. If just something simple is needed, then an inexpensive two-wheeled, battery-operated mixer may be the best choice. If different projects are planned, a person may want to purchase a heavy-duty, four-wheel mixer that is remotely controlled, and may work best.

By keeping these features in mind, a wise mixer purchase can be made. When shopping on eBay for an electric cement mixer, be sure to read the description carefully to be sure it is what is needed. There are many different types of electric mixers, so doing some research may be in order.

Whatever the job, a good solid cement mixer helps a concrete job go more smoothly than hand-mixing the cement. Small portable mixers are good for small walks, driveway repair, and many other things. The mixers that can mix other substances as well as cement also come in handy because of their versatility.

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