How to Buy a Sand Blasting Machine

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How to Buy a Sand Blasting Machine

Sandblasting machines pump out pressurised sand at high rates of speed to remove debris or grind surfaces to make them smooth. People can quickly blast off rust, paint, dirt, and corrosion by using sandblasting equipment. Before they start a restoration project, sandblasting machine consumers should learn about the four types of machines.


Standard Sand Blaster

Standard sandblasting machines include an air compressor, a media tank, and sand or other type of abrasive delivery system. The standard machine works best for people who have little or no experience operating dust extractors. Typically constructed for performing smaller sandblasting jobs, the standard machine requires the operator to wear a breathing mask and full-body specially designed clothing to protect against airborne abrasives. Standard machines widely vary in size, from handheld units to large machines that move on wheels. Larger standard sandblasters require some experience dealing with released sand and other types of abrasive particles.


Cabinet Sand Blaster

The second most common type of sandblasting machine, the cabinet sandblaster comes with a built-in dust collecting system that reduces the amount of harmful airborne abrasives. Mostly used in industrial environments, cabinet sandblasters possess high-grade materials that resist damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. Users place the object intended for sandblasting inside of the highly durable cabinet, which means users can only sandblast small objects. People can use cabinet sandblasters to restore automotive parts, remove paint from small objects, and created frosted glass art. People who have experience working with standard sandblasters typically can make an easy transition to working with cabinet sandblasters.


Sandblaster Pressure

Pressure sandblasters provide users with enough power to handle the most difficult industrial cleaning jobs. Manufacturers design these industrial tools with a high degree of portability that allows workers to reach hard to access spaces that require deep cleaning. The sandblasters contain lightweight and highly durable polycarbonate plastic that works well in hostile conditions. Pressure sandblasters smoothly move from one area to the next area to deliver abrasive flow that strips old paint from buildings as well as remove stains from curbs and pavements. Pressure sandblasters can shoot out baking soda to produce safe work environments.


Wet Sandblasting

As the most elaborately designed sandblasting machine, wet sandblasters are a modified power washer that requires extensive experience to operate. Accuracy, more than power, matters most to the wet sandblaster user. The machine quickly removes dust for urgent projects, such as when workers need to reduce lead content in contaminated work sites that present dire health risks. Wet sandblasters are safe to operate for home decor and manufacturing plant projects.