How to Buy a Used Treadmill

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How to Buy a Used Treadmill

Before you learn how to buy a used treadmill on eBay it is worth knowing about the benefits of using them. Health professionals often recommend using treadmills for a number of reasons.

Benefits of using a treadmill

  • Relatively low cost
  • The speed can usually be adjust to suit your pace
  • Can be placed in various areas in the house
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Long term weight loss
  • Exercise that can be easily incorporated into a daily routine

What you need to consider

When buying a treadmill on eBay there are various factors that ought to influence your decision. This will affect the type of treadmill you buy and the various features that come with it. Knowing the type that you need can save you money as you do not need to pay more for features that you do not require.

  • You need to think about
  • How often you intend to use it
  • How many people are likely to use it
  • Your budget
  • Whether you intend to use it for walking, jogging or running
  • Whether or not you want customised features
  • Where you to intend to put the treadmill
  • What type is particularly suited

Different types of treadmill


How does it work

Appropriate  usage


Moves as you move

People who want a treadmill but do not have the budget for the motorised option


Powered by a motor

People who prefer something they can move against rather than having to generate energy themselves


Can be folded together between workout sessions

People who want something that can be stored between sessions

Walking or jogging treadmill

Designed for people who want to walk or jog rather than run

People who want regular exercise but do not wish to run

How often and how many

It is generally recommended that people use a treadmill for around an hour per day preferably broken up into two half hour sessions. However it is up to you and equally it is possible to use a treadmill for shorter periods of time and for more sessions or one larger session.

How many people can affect the condition of the treadmill. Ideally no more than one or two people should use a treadmill on a daily basis. This means that there should not be too much wear and tear when you buy it on eBay as it will not have been used a lot.

Another thing to remember is the weight limit. Ideally you want a treadmill that can handle more than your maximum weight limit. The reason for this is that you want something that is capable of withstanding a large amount of pressure.


The manual treadmill is a more affordable option as it does not require any additional power aside from what you generate from your own motion. This is also the most appropriate option if you do not need a visual display and wish to concentrate on your movement.

Folding treadmills used to be considered a compromise option for people who could not afford motorised treadmills and were considered not as effective as the models that did not require folding. In recent years this has not proven to be the case with a number of folding models proving equally as effective as the machines that do not need folding. What matters is the quality of the treadmill and not necessarily whether it is manual or motorised.

The routine

Different people have different ways that they approach exercise. Some people prefer to just do it and get on with their walking, running or jogging without looking at a visual display. In this case it is not about information but simply the feeling they get from exercise and the satisfaction that comes at the end of a good workout.

For other people buying treadmills on eBay they may want a more precise exercise aid. A visual display can include a variety of information such as:

  • The amount of distance travelled in miles, metres or kilometres
  • Heart rate
  • Speed
  • Amount of calories burned
  • Height or incline

Some treadmills available on eBay also have programs that can be adjusted for various purposes. For example if you specifically want to lose weight there are programs designed for people purely to burn calories. Others may be designed for cardiovascular exercise or for people at different levels of experience. Adjustable speeds are also worth having if you wish to slowly build up from a walking pace up to a full run. Adjustable speed programs should also come with a cool down to ease you at the end of a workout and reduce the risk of injury.

As such it is about finding a machine that suits your particular style of exercise. One way of doing this is to measure your stride length and compare it to the length of the track of the treadmill. This should allow you to find a treadmill that fits how you move.

Everyday exercise

In order to get the most from a treadmill it is recommended that you use it every day. With a few simple steps you can ensure that when you purchase a treadmill from eBay you get the full usage from it.

Do not keep your treadmill in a garage or spare room. It is less likely that you will use it every day.

Put the treadmill in the bedroom or living room. If it is in a room that you go into every day you are more likely to use it.

Have the treadmill facing your television. If you are watching television while you are doing your exercise routine it ought to feel easier than trying to power through with nothing on in the background.

Fast paced music can help as well. Some treadmills have docking stations for MP3 players so that you can run and listen at the same time without having to pause to change music.

Some treadmills also have drinks holders. These are ideal if you want to stay hydrated while you run.

If at any point you feel chest pains or short of breath stop using the treadmill. If this persists go and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Looking after your treadmill

It is important to look after your treadmill as this will reduce the chances of it wearing out and having to get a replacement. Always have a towel with you so you can clean off any sweat. When running wear clean socks or light shoes. Do not wear any outside footwear as you do not want to get mud on the treadmill.

This is especially important with used treadmills as people will have used them before and therefore you need to be careful in order to ensure they stay in optimum condition. Equally if you decide you want to buy another treadmill at a later date if your needs change then you may want to sell it on as well so it pays to keep it in optimum condition.

Buying from eBay

The simplest way to find treadmills is to look for them specifically. After you have looked through a number of categories you ought to be able to find out the names of the various brands available. Looking through customer feedback will allow you to find out what types of treadmill the various manufacturers specialise in and find one suited to your own personal requirements.

It is also worth remembering that you do not necessarily need to bid for products on eBay. While some people do enjoy the thrill of making a bid and getting a bargain via eBay there are also sellers that allow you to pay money and get a product straight away.

The method of buying a treadmill via eBay is ultimately up to you. However the method of comparing the products available and the people selling them is still advisable regardless of whether you are bidding via an auction or purchasing directly from a seller. When looking at reviews and feedback think about whether or not the people offering the review are in a similar situation to you or not. If they are of a similar fitness level to you or have similar requirements then it is more likely that they will like the kind of treadmill that is appropriate for you.

Discussing any concerns you have with a seller directly should put your mind at ease. For example the pictures ought to clearly show the product and from a number of angles. If the seller does not provide any close up pictures ask for them to provide you with some so you can inspect their quality. They also ought to be willing to answer any questions regarding shipping or other relevant issues.

In simple terms the ideal method of How to Buy a Used Treadmill is to be aware of what you want, what you intend to use it for and the most appropriate people to buy it from eBay. eBay also offers customer support in case you have any problems or specific enquiries. Look out for trusted eBay traders with high ratings and positive customer feedback as they are likely to be the most reliable people to buy from and who will get you a suitable product for your particular needs.


To summarise, though there are a large amount of options available when purchasing a used treadmill, you can easily narrow it down by considering what you'll be using it for. When buying used it is important to consider wear and tear when considering used treadmills, so examine the photos of the product carefully and make sure that it matches your needs. By using the filters available on eBay you can easily find what you're looking for.

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