How to Buy a Vintage Mens Wallet

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How to Buy a Vintage Men's Wallet

Men and women around the world, often in the younger segment of the population, have discovered the timeless character of old fashion items. Not only do they allow for a high degree of personal expression, but they are also often quite affordable compared to newer accessories. The men’s wallet is a great example of such an accessory that is both stylish and functional. Though a traditional wallet might, at first glance, seem like a rather bland item of fashion, purchasing a vintage model is a great way of elevating one’s personal style. When buying a vintage men’s wallet, there are a few important factors to take into consideration. For one, the wallet needs to be, in one way or the other, "special", i.e., it should have a character to it that regular modern wallets cannot offer. At the same time, the wallet should be practical and durable enough to be used on a regular basis. In that regard, aspects such as fabric, size, and number of pockets or compartments become important considerations as well. With its wide-ranging choices, online retailer eBay represents a great resource where one can find men’s vintage wallets.

Why Buy a Vintage Men’s Wallet?

The wallet has, at least in the world of male accessories, never really held a prominent position, compared to fellow accessories such as the tie or bracelet. Usually, it sits unassumingly in the back pocket or can be found next to the car keys on the kitchen table. The vintage wallet is a great way to raise the status of the wallet into a fashionable accessory in its own right.

The Vintage Wallet as a Fashion Statement

As with vintage clothing, the vintage wallet is a great way of expressing one’s unique and personal taste in fashion. Vintage wallets come in shapes, sizes, materials, and designs that are not manufactured any longer. Usually, vintage wallets are a one-of-a-kind item that has stood the test of time. Any man looking to add a certain flair to his person, or who simply wants a wallet that no one else has, can find the market for vintage wallets interesting and inspiring.

Vintage Men’s Wallet Considerations

When shopping for a vintage men’s wallet, one is probably after a model that is personally meaningful, but at the same time serves its purpose as a functional everyday accessory. In order to find a vintage wallet that meets both of these criteria, it is useful to consider factors such as fabric, size, the number of compartments, as well as the presence of a clasp and a visible seal or logo.

Vintage Men’s Wallets: Choosing the Fabric

Choosing the fabric for one’s vintage wallet is a matter of balancing aesthetics with functionality. Typically, the choice stands between leather and textile, and each fabric has its unique characteristics.

Vintage Men’s Leather Wallets

Leather is among the most common materials used in making wallets. Chances are that many wallets that hold the vintage status are made of leather. This is not surprising, since leather is a highly durable material, often associated with high quality. Vintage men’s leather wallets, particularly those made of cowhide, are classy and elegant, and a good choice for a man who wants a reliable wallet. A leather wallet, if it was previously used, might have some signs of wear and tear on it. Though not everyone agrees, when it comes to leather, some people actually find that such wear and tear adds authenticity to the wallet. Unlike many other materials, leather has, many contend, a way of becoming better with time. Some people would argue that an older leather wallet, perhaps one that is 20 or 30 years old, has a certain nostalgic aura that cannot be matched by newer wallets.

Vintage Men’s Textile Wallets

Wallets are sometimes made of textile including cotton, wool, or synthetically prepared materials such as polyester. Textile wallets are usually more affordable than genuine leather wallets. Though they may not be considered as elegant as a vintage leather wallet, the many different ways that textile can be treated means that one can find a wallet that adds just the right personal touch that one desires. A man who likes to wear a vintage tweed suit, for instance, may want a vintage tweed wallet to go with it. Textile vintage wallets often come in creative designs and are sometimes even homemade relics that have found their way out to the market for vintage accessories. Textile vintage wallets, unlike leather wallets, come in a wide variety of colours, but may be somewhat less durable than leather models. For instance, textile wallets can be more susceptible to damages caused by exposure to rain.

Vintage Men’s Wallets: Choosing the Size

Modern men’s wallets that primarily serve a practical purpose are often designed so that they can be comfortably put away in the pocket. Of course, there are vintage wallets that perform this purely utilitarian function. However, men who buy vintage wallets do so because they want something out of the ordinary and not merely a container for coins and cards. In particular, vintage leather wallets tend to be available in large sizes, often conforming to the dimensions of a classic checkbook.

Vintage Men’s Wallets: Choosing Between Bifold and Trifold

Related to size is the question of whether the vintage wallet should be a bifold or a trifold. The number of separate compartments available to put banknotes, coins, and cards in is also important to ponder. Trifold wallets are thicker than the bifold equivalents, but, on the other hand, offer more space. The type of vintage wallet one should buy is a matter of personal taste and a balancing act between the practical aspects and the aesthetic aspects of using the wallet. One important thing to remember is to check that all the compartments and pockets are intact, and that there are no holes or damage inside.

Vintage Men’s Wallets: Clutch or No Clutch

Another factor to consider when buying a vintage men’s wallet is whether to get a model that closes with a clutch or one that is simply folded. The clutch, when used on a genuine leather wallet, has a certain flair to it in addition to safely sealing the contents inside. On the other hand, models without a clutch are easier to open, and do not have a risk of the clutch becoming damaged. Vintage wallets may have been extensively used before, so it is always wise to determine that the clutch, if present, is still working.

Vintage Men’s Wallets: Seal or Logo

Classier vintage leather wallets are not uncommonly fitted with a seal or an indented stamp of the brand or maker. This serves not only as a certificate of authenticity, but also adds aesthetic appeal. A vintage leather wallet with a seal is particularly attractive if the brand is exclusive. Other vintage wallets, even textile models, may have logos or markers that distinguish them from regular wallets. Collectors, for instance, might like to own a vintage wallet with a picture of a favourite cartoon character printed on it. Others may be interested in getting an original model of a legendary fashion or sports company.

Buying a Vintage Men’s Wallet

Vintage men’s wallets are widely available in most second-hand shops. Often, such shops display their vintage men’s wallets in large unsorted boxes or crates that customers are free to browse through. Exclusive leather wallets of a certain brand or model might, however, be stored behind the counter or locked in a glass display case. Other places to look for vintage men’s wallets include flea markets and garage sales.

Buying a Vintage Men’s Wallet on eBay

The Internet is a great source for finding vintage men’s wallets of different kinds. Online retailers have sections dedicated to vintage accessories, including everything from necklaces and headbands to purses and wallets. eBay is one such marketplace, where you find a number of listings for vintage leather and textile wallets for men.

You may begin the search for a vintage men’s wallet on eBay by simply typing "vintage men’s wallet" into the search bar on the homepage. This basic search yields a page of listings for vintage wallets of all kinds, including luxury leather variants and simpler textile models. It is useful to narrow down your results so that they become personally relevant for you. For instance, you might want to filter out listings according to material, style, or colour. eBay also has a useful system of categories, making it easy to browse through different types of wallets on the website. You may filter listings by price range or based on what is available in close vicinity to where you live.


A vintage men’s wallet is ideal for a man who wants his wallet to represent something more than a mere container of coins and cards. A vintage wallet is stylish enough to take on a prominent role in a man’s fashion outfit. As vintage wallets come in varied types, they offer ample opportunities for expressing one’s personal style. Also, many models are affordable, compared to current models sold at standard retailers. When it comes to purchasing a vintage men’s wallet, there are a few aspects that potential buyers might want to consider. In addition to serving an aesthetic purpose, the vintage wallet also needs to be practical. It is, therefore, important to take into account factors such as the type of fabric, size, and the number of compartments in the wallet. Finding a vintage wallet that suits one’s needs is, simply put, a matter of combining style with comfort. Places where one can find inspiration include second-hand shops, flea markets, and garage sales. With its numerous functionalities, eBay also offers a plethora of options in vintage men’s wallets.