How to Care for a Fusee Pocket Watch

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How to Care for a Fusee Pocket Watch

A fusee pocket watch has a fusee mechanism driving it, and this design is popular in antique and vintage pocket watches. You can find a selection of fusee pocket watches on eBay. With proper care, a fusee pocket watch can run for decades. Learn how to take care of a fusee pocket watch, focusing on everyday use, maintenance, and storage.


Everyday Fusee Pocket Watch Care

When carrying your fusee pocket watch, keep it in a pocket that minimises the risk of bumps and knocks. Handle the watch with care and treat it like a piece of jewellery. Do not force the cover open beyond its limit because this can damage the hinge alignment. Attach a chain to the watch to prevent dropping it and breaking the watch. Never carry a pocket watch in a pocket with change, keys, or other hard objects, as these can scratch the device. Ensure the pocket is clean to prevent lint and dust working their way into the watch case and into the watch movements. Do not place your pocket watch near sources of magnetism, such as on top of a computer case. A magnetised watch cannot keep accurate time, but a watchmaker can use a special instrument to demagnetise a magnetised watch. Wind your watch once a day, taking care not to overwind it.


Fusee Pocket Watch Maintenance

Take your mechanical pocket watch to a professional watchmaker for maintenance every three to five years. The professional will check, clean, and oil the watch to preserve the mechanism and components. Moreover, he or she can advise about replacing worn parts before they affect other components. Cleaning involves disassembling the watch movement and cleaning each part to remove built-up dust and oil. The watchmaker washes the parts before polishing them and reassembling and oiling the device.


Cleaning and Storing a Fusee Pocket Watch

Pocket watches come with a variety of case materials, from gold and silver to plated brass. Take care to preserve the finish of your pocket watch when cleaning it. Wiping it with a soft cloth removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Avoid using chemical or abrasive cleaners that can remove the protective finish and affect plating. Use a jeweller's cloth to clean sterling silver and solid gold watches. Do not expose the watch to temperature extremes, so avoid storing it in an attic or basement or next to a heat source. Use a covered watch display or holder to keep the watch safe and dry if you want to store it. Always clean your watch before storing it, taking care to remove all fingerprints.