How to Cut or Trim Roller Blinds to SIze

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Cut your roller blinds for a perfect fit

It is really a simple process that requires a bit of patience for the best results.
  • Measure the width of your window. (Its best to measure the width at the point where the blind with be fixed, as some windows can be sloping)
    If the blind is going in the recess then you need to take about 1cm off for a perfect fit. It is important you take into account the width of the brackets when deciding how much to trim the blinds by.

  • To cut the fabric you shall need to fully unroll the roller blind on the floor. Take a long ruler and pencil and carefully mark the required amount on the reverse side of the blind in several places along the length. Join these for a straight line.

  • Always use the best pair of scissors available. Carefully cut by following the line you have drawn to remove the excess fabric.

  • The plastic or chrome weight bar and the inner cardboard or aluminium headrail can be best cut with a small hacksaw.

We recommend roller bllinds to be top or face fixed for best results.

Some examples of trimmable blinds in our shop


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Hope this helps in trimming your blinds to the correct size.

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