How to Fix a Chipped or Cracked Dressing Table Mirror

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How to Fix a Chipped or Cracked Dressing Table Mirror

If a mirror suffers a crack or a chip, many people are tempted to simply throw it away. However, this is costly and a waste. Instead, hang on to your cracked or chipped dressing table mirror and fix, or at least hide the damage, keeping your mirror looking as good as new. Knowing how to fix a chipped or cracked dressing table mirror allows you to save money, reduce the amount of waste you produce, and exercise your creativity.


Fix a Crack in a Dressing Table Mirror

A glass repair kit consists of resin, film, and glass stabilisers. Before you tackle the crack, you have to prepare the mirror properly; otherwise the process does not produce good results. Clean your mirror thoroughly with glass cleaner or window cleaner and a microfibre cloth, ensuring you polish the mirror thoroughly so that it is completely dry. Take the stabiliser from your kit and carefully peel away one edge of the backing. Apply the stabiliser to the crack, working slowly and removing more backing as you work to ensure you cover the entire crack and do not trap any air bubbles between the stabiliser and the crack. Take a syringe and fill it with the resin from the glass repair kit. Once full, push the syringe through the stabiliser, directly into the crack. Depress the syringe plunger until the crack is full. Allow the resin to cure and harden, then peel away the stabilising patch. Apply a thin layer of resin on top of the already cured resin, over the crack, and then cover the area with the curing film. After it dries, peel away the film.


Frame a Dressing Table Mirror

If the crack or the chip is close to the edge of your dressing table mirror, a quick and easy fix is simply to use a wider frame that covers the offending area. Remove your current frame, then measure the mirror to ensure you purchase a new frame with the right dimensions. Measure from the edge of the mirror to just past the crack or chip to work out how wide the new frame has to be to cover the crack.


Hide a Chip in a Dressing Table Mirror

If the damage is on the edge of the frame, you can simply cover it by adding a decorative item, such as a braided rope frame or a beaded frame. If, however, the damage is away from the edge, more creativity is necessary. Consider adding a decorative patch or panel to the mirror, using beads, shells, or mosaic tiles. You can also create a secondary border all around the mirror, away from the edge, to cover interior damage by using mirror tiles which hide the chip and provide a stylish, different appearance.

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