How to Identify Genuine Beats by Dre Tour Headphones

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How can you tell if the pair of Beats by Dre Tour Headphones that you are about to buy online are genuine? Follow these 11 simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase. Always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase. It's Smarter Selling & Safer Shopping. 

Step 1: Retail Box 
Beats By Dre headphones are sold in an official Beats By Dre box. The colour of the headphones on the box must match the colour of the headphones in the box. Check the quality, colour and brightness of the images carefully as often images on counterfeit boxes are very dark through poor duplication. Also check the quality, positioning and spacing of copy and brand marks. And check that all spelling is correct and spacing is even. 

Step 2: Box Base 
The base of the Beats By Dre Tour headphones features a bar code, manufacturing details, and trademark information. Check very carefully for any errors in spelling, spacing or alignment. 

Step 3: Inner Box 
The inner box has a Beats logo in the centre. Check the size, location and finish carefully. 

Step 4: Carry Case 
New Beats By Dre Tour headphones are accompanied by a Beats branded carry case. Check that the embossed logo is clear and of a high quality.And that the zip stitching is cleanly finished. 

Step 5: Case Inside 
Check that the stitching on the interior is evenly spaced and neatly finished. And that there is a small net pouch on the one side. 

Step 6: Spare Buds 
New Beats By Dre Tour headphones are accompanied by a set of spare ear buds and storage pouch. 

Step 7: Cable Ends 
The cable ends of Beats By Dre Tour headphones feature a short code. Also check the silver, red and black circular markings. And then the gold coloured adaptor ends and black circular details. 

Step 8: Earpiece Logo 
Beats By Dre Tour headphones feature a Beats logo on each earpiece. Check that the brand mark, edges, and material finish, are of the highest quality. 

Step 9: Earpiece Bud 
The earpiece bud is small but features very high quality clean finish to all of the parts. There should be no signs of glue or gaps. 

Step 10: Cable Control  
The cable control features two clips, one is branded with a Beats logo, and the other has a plus and minus volume control button. 

Step 11: Download our App
We hope that this guide helps to educate you when identifying genuine Beats by Dre Tour Headphones. To prevent you from falling victim to counterfeit goods, always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase.

youVerify - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.

youVerify is a smartphone app that helps online sellers verify themselves and their products, which in turn allows online buyers to shop with more confidence - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.
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