How to Measure for a Cam Lock

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How to Measure the Correct Cam Lock Length
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How to Measure the Correct Cam Lock Length

Measuring for a Cam Lock

We receive many messages asking us how to measure for a Cam Lock.

You can fit a cam lock to most materials by drilling a hole that will take the lock.  If you do so make sure the hole is not oversized, a 20mm hole is exactly correct for our type of cam locks.

If you accidentally drill the wrong size hole, or you have an oversize hole already in place then we can supply some oversize washer specifically made for this.

Cam Locks are manufactured in different ways, each type has its own maximum thickness that it will fit to and work correctly, the following is correct for all of the Cam Locks on our listings.

When measuring a cam lock for length you need to take the measurement 'X' in the above image, but do bear in mind that you will also need to take account of the thickness of your material that the cam lock will fit through.

In general for each of the cam lock lengths the maximum thickness for each cam lock length is as follows:

11mm = 5mm, 16mm = 11mm, 20mm = 12mm, 22mm = 17mm, 27mm = 22mm and 32mm = 27mm.

If you have any problems finding how to measure for a cam lock then do contact us
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