How to Record Calls on a Landline

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How to Record Calls on a Landline

Many individuals opt to record calls on a landline for a multitude of reasons. Often a journalist will record a phone interview for later use, or business individuals will opt to record a business conversation or conference call. In the United States, certain states allow recording of landline phone calls if all parties are aware that the conversation is being recorded. Prior to recording a phone conversation, the state's legalities should be checked.


5 Ways to Record Calls on a Landline

There are several ways to successfully record a phone call on a landline once the initial hardware is purchased and installed. The hardware needed is widely available online and at stores that sell electronics.

Here are five common methods to record a phone conversation on a landline using readily available hardware:

Method 1 - Using an Induction Coil Pickup Microphone

An induction coil pickup microphone is widely available online or at electronic stores for a many uses. It picks up the magnetic impulses of the voices from the phone's handset. The owner can simply plug the microphone into a recorder or a computer that has the capability of recording, and affix the microphone (using a suction cup) to the receiver end of the telephone's handset. The mic can also be secured using duct tape. Turn the recorder on for phone calls and off when they end. The induction coil pickup mic is a handy item because it's portable and can be used on any telephone landline handset.

Method 2 - Using an Inline Recording Device

To use this device, the owner plugs the telephone's line directly into the inline recording device. The cord from the inline recorder is plugged directly into the telephone's wall jack. The inline recording device's audio output cable can be plugged into any recorder or computer that has recording capabilities. Some models of inline recorders feature a built in recording device, so they do not require an external recorder or computer to record a landline conversation. The owner may start recording the conversation using an inline recording device when the talking commences. Certain models of inline recording devices feature voice activation. They will immediately start recording when they detect voices and require no button pushing to function. The inline recording device will cease recording when the conversation ends. Sometimes inline recording devices are also referred to as a phone call recorder, phone line recorder or telephone recorder.

Method 3 - Stand Alone Recorder

A stand alone recorder is a small recorder that plugs directly into the phone. It instantly records a conversation as soon as it detects voices on the line. To play back and listen to the conversation it has recorded, the standalone recorder must be plugged into a computer using a USB connection and the data from the standalone recorder must be uploaded directly to the computer. The computer needs to have a software program installed that has the capability of playing the standalone recorder's data.

Method 4 - Using the Phone's Speakerphone to Record

Most landline phones have speakerphone capabilities. The user simply turns on the landline phone's speaker phone and uses a recorder or computer to record the conversation via the use of the telephone's speakerphone. Unfortunately, with such a method, all background noise is also readily recorded, so the recorded voices may be difficult to decipher when played back.

Method 5 - Services that Record Calls

There are several commercial services that allow a person to record calls off a landline using the service's conference lines. Such services charge a fee, often a monthly service charge, to enable the user to record the conversation. The service can often be costly and often requires a monthly or yearly subscription to use.


Purchasing Landline Recorders on eBay

The online auction marketplace of eBay sells a numerous types of landline recording devices to successfully record a phone conversation. To find telephone recording devices and microphones for sale or auction on eBay, the buyer can go to eBay's homepage and type in what he seeks into eBay's search engine. A list of items that fit the search criteria will load. The buyer can narrow his search results by price and item condition. He can also opt to see only items available for immediate purchase or items up for auction. Prior to bidding on or buying an item, the buyer should always look over the seller's feedback score to make sure the seller is in good standing with the eBay community and that past buyers have been happy with the seller's services.



Recording a landline conversation is often a necessity. Having the hardware available to quickly achieve the task is indispensable.

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