How to Repair Oakley Sunglasses

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How to Repair Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses are famous for their three-point fit and high performance standards. Unfortunately though, they may wear out to the point of being unusable as parts begin to deteriorate. Eventually, bits start to fall off, such as the nose pad, or an arm comes loose, or scratches appear on the lens. By replacing the worn parts of a pair of Oakley sunglasses, the frames may offer many more years of user satisfaction. e Bay features most of the spare parts for Oakley sunglasses that customers can acquire cheaply if they shop carefully. They are available individually or sold in kit form. If purchasing a replacement kit, customers need to know the manufacturing details of their Oakley sunglasses to ensure they purchase compatible parts.

Oakley Repair Kits

Some Oakley repair kits contain everything necessary to repair a pair of Oakley sunglasses, although more often a typical kit only includes nose and ear sock replacements. Customers should be wary when purchasing kits because they vary greatly in price. They should only purchase genuine Oakley components, and avoid imitations.

Frame Only

It is possible to make a frame-only purchase on a pair of Oakley sunglasses. These may include the face frame alone, or include the arms. This is a good way for customers to attain a pair of Oakley sunglasses if they do not already have a pair. It is easy to add necessary components to the frame by purchasing them later. If a customer wishes to find spare parts easily, it is a good idea to first research frame popularity because this largely determines the availability of additional components.

Replacement Lens

Sunglasses lens are particularly prone to damage because of the constant risk of scrapes and scratches. Although owners can remove scratches on some lens types, Oakley lenses contain an Iridium coating which makes this option impossible without professional repair work. Nevertheless, customers can restore their Oakley sunglasses with replacement lenses. These may be polarised or non-polarised, and feature varying degrees of UV filtration including those with 100 per cent UV protection. Buying replacement lenses is a good way to introduce individuality to a pair of Oakley sunglasses, because only the lens shape needs to be compatible with the frame.

The lens replacement procedure depends somewhat on frame type. For glasses that feature a frame only across the top and sides, apply firm pressure with one hand on the lens, and the other on the frame, and lift out. To replace with new lenses, push lenses back into place beginning at the outer lens temple. The lenses should click back into place.

Nose Pieces

Nose pieces are an important part of a pair of sunglasses because correct fit and comfort depends on them. To remove a nosepiece, hold it between forefinger and thumb, and use a small flat screwdriver to gently insert into the slot at the bottom of the padon. Twist gently to release the tension, and carefully ease out the pad with a rocking motion. To replace with a new nose piece, align the peg on the pad with the socket on the padon. Apply moderate pressure between forefinger and thumb, and the nose piece should click into place.

Ear Socks

Customers can easily replace the ear socks to their Oakley sunglasses. These are not essential components as not all sunglasses include them, however, they can add comfort and provide a snug fit as they increase the circumference of the arms. They help reduce slipping, especially on sunglasses with straight arms. Grip the sock with one hand, and the other end of the arm with the other hand. Tug slowly at the medial end of the ear sock until it bunches in the middle. From here, the sock should come off easily. To replace with a new ear sock, attach the end of the new sock to the end of the arm with moderate pressure.

Replacing the Arms

Customers may easily replace the arms on a pair of Oakley sunglasses. The wearer could deliberately order compatible arms of a different colour or pattern if they wish to make their sunglasses truly unique. Remove the old arms with an appropriately sized screwdriver of the right type, and unscrew the fitting. To replace, simply screw new arms into place, or snap on according to the design of the particular pair.

How to Buy Oakley Repair/Replacement Parts on eBay

To shop for Oakley sunglasses components on eBay, enter a product-specific search such as Oakley repair kit . Only choose parts that are compatible with your existing sunglasses. Make any necessary listing comparisons, particularly between price differences. Ask the seller any compatibility questions you may have. Also check the eBay reputation of your chosen seller.

Oakley sunglasses are strong, flexible, and hard wearing, but if you manage to keep your sunglasses over many years without losing them, they too eventually suffer from wear and tear. Replacing the parts is generally the best option when it comes to repairing this item, and with parts so readily available online, it should prove a trouble-free exercise.

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