How to Repair Sofa Springs

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How to Repair Sofa Springs

Sofas are among the most used furniture items in a household. They suffer substantial wear and tear, particularly in homes with young children and pets. Eventually, a sofa may begin to sag, creating an uncomfortable experience rather than the relaxing environment users want. Some owners may decide to completely replace their sofa, while others attempt to save some money by conducting an at-home repair of their sofa springs.

Turn the Sofa Over

First, owners need to take all the pillows and cushions off the sofa and turn their sofa upside down. Most people need assistance from another individual for this part. Each person involved in the process should follow proper lifting techniques to avoid back injury.

Check the Frame, Fabric, and Springs

Once the cushions are off and the sofa is upside down, owners should be able to get a clearer picture of their sofa's inner workings, including any problematic areas. Although the springs are the primary issue to deal with, users should also check for ripped fabric and splintered or broken parts of the wooden frame. In some older sofas with a history of heavy use, rot may also be an issue. If owners notice breakage, rot, or torn fabric, they may need to adjust their repair plan to address those problems as well as the springs. Fabric patches, plywood supports, and other replacement materials need to be in position before users fix the sofa springs. In some cases, replacing a broken section of frame may sufficiently shore up the springs, resolving the problem.

Consider the Integrity of the Sofa Platform

Owners should also inspect the platform of the sofa. This platform is directly underneath the cushions, providing firm support for seating. In many cases of spring malfunction, the platform represents a significant part of the problem. A sagging sofa can mean that the springs suffer from inadequate support due to a broken platform. If this is the case, owners can buy support strips or narrow beams to strengthen the platform and boost the performance of the sofa springs. If owners prefer not to buy specially designed, fibreboard sofa supports, they can cut their own supports from thin plywood.

Inspect the Sofa Springs

In some cases, the underlying support structure for the sofa springs is completely intact, and it is the springs themselves that are at fault. To reach the springs, owners must pull out the staples or nails attaching the fabric to the sofa frame. In some cases, they may also want to remove the sofa legs.

Adjust Bent or Twisted Springs

Twisted springs are a common issue for owners with old, well-used sofas. These springs represent a fairly easy fix. Users can employ a regular pair of pliers to bend the twisted springs back into their original shape. The result may not be perfect, but users should notice a significant improvement in the support that their sofa supplies.

Identify Broken Springs

Broken springs may occur after long-term use or following sharp trauma to the sofa seat. If a spring is broken, owners may need the assistance of a professional to swap it out with a new one. Springs are integrated into the basic structure of the sofa, so they often prove difficult for amateurs to replace.

Reseat Popped Springs

Sometimes, springs may pop out of their sockets or fittings. If the springs are not broken, owners may be able to reseat them in the correct spot without having to take the sofa to an upholsterer. For loose springs, owners can use the pliers to twist the springs down and tighten them in their fittings. The end of each spring needs to sit firmly in the very centre of the fitting. In addition, users should tighten any visible screws or hammer in the nails holding the spring socket in place.

Affix the Fabric

Once users conduct all the necessary repairs to their sofa springs and other parts of the sofa structure, they should put the fabric back on the couch using a staple gun or nails. If they took the sofa legs off, owners should put those back on and ensure that they are secure.

How to Buy Sofa Springs and Repair Supplies on eBay

Whether you are looking for a good deal on replacement sofa springs or a selection of repair tools, supplies, and supports for your sofa, check eBay for bargain prices. If you do not immediately find the items that you need, save your search so that you can receive notifications of any newly posted products that match your original search. Once you research the process and secure the supplies you need, you should be able to fix your sofa springs at home and save yourself the cost of a repair bill.