How to Repair Wellies

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How to Repair Wellies

Wellies, or Wellington boots, normally consist of rubber, although buyers can find Wellies made of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Since these boots are subject to abuse in the form of muddy ground, grime, puddles, chemical spills, and exposed wires, they are prone to periodic damage. Luckily, most forms of damage to Wellies are repairable and, in most instances, repairing Wellies does not require professional help. Repairing Wellies requires access to the right supplies, and while brick-and-mortar shops present buyers with some options, online platforms, such as eBay,, offer a number of options.

Boot Patches

Boot patches, designed for repairing different types of boots, work when it comes to repairing Wellies. These boot patches come in the form of simple peel-and-stick variants, which takes away the mess that results from using glue. In addition, these patches can create airtight and waterproof seals. Buyers can find certain boot patches designed especially for Wellies, which do not crack or become brittle after use. Boot patches made with abrasion-resistant polyurethane elastomer are tougher than those made with rubber, and they are transparent. Their transparency means that buyers can use them to repair boots of different colours, and in addition to rubber boots, they work with most PVC boots as well. To ensure that they remain in place, good boot patches use some kind of solvent-resistant acrylic adhesive. Before using boot patches, users should clean the damaged portion of their Wellies well, preferably with a chemical cleaner like acetone.

Flexible Adhesives

A number of people turn to flexible adhesives to repair their Wellies. Flexible adhesives, like Stormsure , come in tubes, and result in strong and flexible bonds. Stormsure results in a clear bond and works with Wellies of all colours. It offers a waterproof and airtight solution that is highly resistant to abrasion. In addition to Wellies, Stormsure repairs leather, fabrics, neoprene, PVC, and most plastics.

Using Stormsure glue is simple. After cleaning the damaged area well, with a cleaner like acetone, users should apply it onto the surface directly and spread it around 5 mm across the affected area. To deal with tears and holes, placing tape behind the damaged portion and removing it after the curing is complete does the trick. The adhesive takes between 10 to 12 hours to cure completely.

Silicone Rubber Sealants

Self-setting silicone rubber sealants are a fairly recent phenomena. Sugru is a silicone rubber sealant that works well when it comes to repairing Wellies. This material comes in the form of Play-Doh or putty, and contains excellent bonding properties. It results in extremely strong, yet flexible, bonds upon curing. Buyers can find sugru in different colours, like black, white, yellow, blue, and red. Using this material is easy. Sugru requires kneading for a few seconds prior to use, and once ready, users can insert small pieces of this material into the boot's rubber as, and where, required. The back of a fingernail or a scale tidies up its edges. Curing takes around 12 hours.

Wellies Repair Kits

Welly repair kits consist of multiple products, and most include flexible repair adhesives and boot patches. While the patches work well to repair flat surfaces, flexible repair adhesives are ideal when it comes to repairing holes and awkward tears. Stormsure sells a boot repair kit that includes a 5 g tube of Stormsure flexible repair adhesive and two 75 mm self-adhesive circular patches. The patches use the same flexible repair adhesive, but only in the form of a thin film.

Other Alternatives

There are people who turn to puncture repair kits when trying to repair their Wellies, and while some have success, others complain of the process being messy, time consuming, and at times, unsuccessful. Using silicone-based glue, like Shoe Goo, can be effective if the damage is not much. When repairing holes in soles, using tyre repair strings can work, in which pushing a tyre repair string through the hole in a U shape plugs the hole, quite like fixing a puncture.

How to Buy Supplies to Repair Wellies on eBay

eBay provides you with multiple options from which to choose when it comes to looking for supplies to repair Wellies. On this platform, you can find Welly repair kits, boot repair patches, flexible adhesives in tubes, silicone rubber sealants, as well as tyre repair strings. Dealing with top-rated sellers on eBay provides buyers with peace of mind and there are a number of sellers who offer deals with free delivery.

To find products, eBay's search box comes in handy. The search box is present on every eBay page. Buyers simply have to enter the product for which they are looking. For example, entering "Stormsure" and clicking on search populates the page with relevant results.