How to Spot Fake BAPE, Bathing Ape, Fabe

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eBay is flooded with fake BAPE items. I have put together a few points below that can help you identify whether the item you are interested in is fake or not. Please do not support ppl. selling fake items.

1.      Sizes that are not produced by BAPE ie. 3XL , 4XL
2.      To low a price. As the saying go if it is to good to be true then it probably is.
3.      If the eBay seller sells multiple items of different sizes. eMail the seller and ask them where they got their products from. There are a few sellers with exception to this rule eg. fateuk, linz91184, mantisfist, plainflour, pondon and tokyoape
4.      Sleeve tag , milo,ape should be centered. for baby milos , inside of sleeve tag should have the word milo with pink,red alternating diagonally
6.      Inside lining , should not be fleecy , should feel live woven cotton
7.      Stitching , there should be few or no loose threads
8.      colorway , should be vibrant, not dull
9.   Fabric , should be a tight knit , when u pull apart the fabric u should not see any spacing or white
11.  Plastic ziplock bag should have a white tab with factory sticker of size
12.  All bapes along with that camo tag hanging, are made of very vibrant colors. if they are dull, even for the camo tag, chances are it is fake.
13.  All bapes, BUT NOT baby milos have a silver zipper. be careful. recently I have seen fakes with silver zippers. they should say YKK on the back.
14.  THE CARE TAG. The care tag near the hip area inside the hoodie should be somewhat the same font. Remember though, some fakes will have the same font.
15.  All authentic items are made from the best materials
17.    Be careful of one day auctions i believe many sellers do this to avoid being verod
18.    Limited amount of photos. Sellers should be able to give you photos of all the tags. Ask for images of the back of tags and also the inside of tags. Soon you will see the difference.
19.    Study all the photos in the listing and ensure that the images are of one item. I have seen a few listings where photos of the tags belong to a different item eg. T for sale is white but label pictures are on a black shirt.
20.    Look for any words not spelled correctly on the CARE tags.
21.    Be careful of users with low feedback and many items listed. Some users will boost their feedback by buying low prices items like ebooks etc. so that they look more trustworthy.
22.    Look at the other items the seller has listed, if a seller sells one item that is not authentic is likely that his other items will not be authentic
23.    Look at the sellers completed listings. If he,she has sold the same item over the past month then it is probably fake.

Hope this helps and good luck bidding.

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