How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots

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How can you tell if the Ugg boots that you are about to buy online are genuine? What identifying marks should you be looking for? Follow these 9 simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase. Always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase. It's Smarter Selling & Safer Shopping.

Step 1: Retail Box
New UGG boots are packaged in a sturdy, brown, 2 piece box featuring the sun starburst logo on the left corner of the lid, and on the side.

Step 2: Retail Box Label
New UGG boot retail boxes feature a white label at one end detailing product image, size, style, color & country of origin. Check that these details match the details of the product itself, as well as the details found on the labels on the inside of the product.

Step 3: Hologram (Position 1)
New UGG boot retail boxes also feature a hologram sticker. In position 1 it should show the starburst logo. 

Step 4: Hologram (Position 2)
New UGG boot retail boxes also feature a hologram sticker. In position 2 it should show the UGG Australia logo.

Step 5: Outside Heel Logo
UGG boots feature an UGG label on the heel. The letters on the logo slightly overlap each other with no gaps. The registered trademark circled R is close to the open face of G, 'Australia' is printed in lower case below UGG, and the background of the label features faint starbursts.

Step 6: Inside Security Label
UGG boots have featured the hologram label since late 2010 and updated in 2012. Similar to the box label, as you rotate this label the sun logos change from black to white on the reflective strip. From late 2012 the label was update to feature a “rolling optics” detail. This is a 3-D effect that makes it look like the UGG logo is rolling over the background of the sun logos when its being rotated.

Step 7: Inside Product Label
UGG boots feature an inside label that details size, style and country of origin. Check that details match the details found on the retail box label.

Step 8: Flexible Sole
UGG boots have a flexible sole and the seller should demonstrate this to you in this photo. 

Step 9: Download our App
We hope that this guide helps to educate you when identifying genuine Ugg boots. To prevent you from falling victim to counterfeit goods, always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase.

youVerify - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.

youVerify is a smartphone app that helps online sellers verify themselves and their products, which in turn allows online buyers to shop with more confidence - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.

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