How to Use a Lamp Shade Reducer Ring for European Light Fittings

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How to Use a Lamp Shade Reducer Ring

Here's our guide on using a lamp shade reducer ring and how to fit a lamp shade reducer ring.  Many new houses built today have the larger European 45 mm pendant bulb holders fitted as standard.  So if you buy a pendant light shade or table lamp shade with the larger 45 mm hole fitting you will not need a lamp shade reducer ring.  However if you own an older property with standard UK 29 mm bulb holders fitted and you buy a European lamp shade or light shade with the larger Euro 45 mm fitting you will need to fit a lamp shade reducer ring so the hole is not too big for the light pendant or lamp fitting.

A lamp shade reducer ring is available either as a powder coated steel disc or as a plastic 'C' shaped ring made of an hardened plastic.  With the metal version slot this over the large which you simply clip the lamp shade reducer ring into a lamp shade fitting that has the Euro 45 mm continental hole size.  This reduces the hole size down to the 29 mm normal UK bulb holder size, allowing the light or lampshade in question to be hung from the ceiling or to fit a table lamp that has the UK 29 mm bulb holder.  

With a 'C' shaped ring, slot this inside the existing Euro 45mm lamp shade fitting by squeezing the C together slightly to make is small enough to slide into the lamp shade fitting.
Once the Lamp Shade Reducer Ring is in place in your lamp shade will fit the UK 29mm bulb holder between the base and the thread on mount to hold the shade securely in place.

One of the lamp shade brands that would require these reducer rings for use in the UK would be Vita Lighting including the Eos, Silvia, Conia designs.