How to bling up converse trainers

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It can cost a fortune to buy customized bling converse from shops or retail outlets.
Did you know you can customize them youself very easily.

All you need are approx 500 good quality rhinestone crystals ( diamantes), strong glue (e6000) , a pickup pencil & a nail file.

Rather then explaining with words, it is more helpful and easier showing with illustrations.

All items are available in our ebay shop and will cost between £7 to £10.
It takes approx 1 hr to make the pair.

when buying the rhinestone crystals - you have some options to decide.
1) what colour you need, In the illustartions we have used CLEAR ( some say Silver as thats what they reflect but are clear with silver foil under the crystal)
2) quantity of crystals required -  we generally say 4 packs of 144 = 576 is more then enough to do the toes and back.
3) quality of crystals - this is where it can get tricky from seller to seller. We only stock the best qualities. even our standard range of rhinestones are good quality. Then you get DMC which are machine cut gems, we introduced DMC to the uk market and now many are copying our leads. these DMC have great sparkle and shine and are a good alternative to the more expensive Swarovski gems.
Swarovski are the best in the market and so are thier prices.
4) good quality glue - keep in mind you will be wearing the trainers and they are not just for display, so you will need good quality glue. We recommend e6000  but any other strong glue will do, alternatives are areldite rapide superglue.
5) once you made  the trainers then let the glue set overnight

The methods mentioned is ideal for all types of shoes, heels, bags, purses,etc...

hope this has helped and given some confidence, please rate the review so others can benefit on making thier own customized shoes / garments and save a lot of money

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