How to buy a T6 CREE XM-L LED Flashlight / torch from ebay.

Like if this guide is helpful


Welcome to my buyers guide to buying a high powered CREE torch from ebay,
All advise is my personal opinion, just use this as a reference,
I have been frustrated by trying to find a good torch for a good price,
So if this guide helps to avoid buying multiple torches like me, Then it has helped,
Firstly virtually all torches on ebay will not be genuine CREE LED's,
If they were genuine XM-L they would emit 1000 lumens,
The fake ones probably emit 500 lumens if that, still good torches though,
A genuine CREE XM-L torch would be around £15 to £20 without a battery,
So there I said it it took me 3 months to work this out,
If you are unsure if the torch you have bought is genuine CREE,
google genuine cree led's and see if it looks like the fake pictures,

Decide which torch you prefer

Do research on You Tube, search for T6 torch or xml torch,
See if you like any particular style,
There are some really good reviews on You Tube,

Start to look on ebay for a torch

Search on ebay for
T6 xml torch
this is the torch you want,
This torch is the best value for money and brightest as of 20th August 2016,
As time moves on they will probably move to XM-L2,
If you see torches with Q5 this is the older less bright one, still good,
But why buy old tecnology, for the same money sometimes less buy a XM-L,
There is also XM-L2 type but these have only just started to appear,
I am not convinced yet that they are any brighter than the XM-L bulb,
This is because they are all fake so it is unlikely the will be any better,
And China could be mis selling Q5 as XM-L2 which is 2 generations older,

How do I stop getting scammed by sellers from China

The easy answer is you probably will buy a lower power torch by mistake,
The market place is virtually impossible to select the one you want for the cheapest price,

As there are 4,500 listings when I checked,
So change the view to cheapest + P&P first,
Then click the Buy It Now tab,
Trying to buy a torch on auction is pointless it will take forever and they are really cheap anyway,
So now they will be ordered in price and quality,
The cheapest ones are not great quality,
But it also depends on how you want to power the torch,

How do you want to power your torch

The smaller the torch the different battery it is likely to take,
Smallest torches use 1 x AA battery,
Slightly bigger torches at 100mm long use 3 x AAA in a holder,
Then the Zoomable torches of around 135mm use a different holder for 3 x AAA batteries or a Lithium Ion 18650 battery,
When using the 18650 battery you need to use a clear plastic sleeve to stop the battery sliding around,
Then you can have torches which take more than 1 x 18650 battery,
Or torches which ONLY take 1 x 18650 battery these have a narrower body than the zoomable torches, so you can't use AAA batteries in these,
Some take 4 batteries and run 11 or more LED's,
Virtually every listing will say what the torch needs to run it,
It will also say if it includes the holder and the plastic sleeve for the 18650 battery,

Getting towards a torch purchase from ebay

The next step is scroll through the listings,
They will start at £1.50, these are not great, about 100mm long takes 3 x AAA's only,

Think how much they cost to make the postage from China is probably 80p and fees will be 30p probably,
So that is £1.10 without covering the cost of manufacture if it is the factory selling it and not a 3rd party,
It is still usable but everything is cut back to the bone,
Spend more and you will get a better quality and longer lasting brighter LED,
I personally think around £6.00 for a torch is a good start price,
But this is without a Lithium Ion 18650 battery or charger for the battery,

It is likely to be the zoomable version torch, which is 135mm long roughly,
These torches do not have a reflector around the LED so less light comes out of the end,
But for some reason China are massively pushing this style of torch who knows why,
As it does not have a reflector inside the torch it's beam is quite narrow,
And I don't think the zoom function is very useable,
A zoomable torch with a 18650 battery and charger will be around £10,

If you are looking for a massively powerful torch look into sky ray,
which is a torch which takes 4 x 18650 batteries and can be bought for £15 without the 4 batteries,

They do get hot and they will only last for 1 hour per set of batteries.
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