How to fit a Replacement DAD Post Box Lock

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It's really simple to fit a replacement DAD post box lock..

But please, read the whole post before replacing your lock... 

The DAD post box lock is one of the easiest post box locks to replace.  On most occasions you will not even need any tools but it might be handy to have a small pair of pliers and a small flat bladed screwdriver to hand just in case.

The DAD website details the cost of buying a replacement lock from the manufacturer which is currently around the £20 mark and with postage it goes to a hefty £24, however you can get a replacement from us for much less than this.

DAD Post/Letter Box Easy Fitting Cam Lock - 2 Keys

Our DAD replacement lock comes in at under £7 so its a marked difference in price without losing either quality or functionality and will replace the same lock type on a like for like basis.

The replacement lock comes keyed to differ, with two keys, and a new replacement fixing clip.

Replacement Instructions

To change the existing lock the box lid will need to be open.  If you have lost your key and can't open your box then message us for some tips on opening the box without damaging it.  Before removing your old lock observe the way in which the lock is currently fitted, orientation for example, this will help both the removal and replacement, might be good to take a picture of it in situ before commencing the replacement.

With the box open look at the back of the lock, you will see a small spring clip holding the lock in position.  Simply pull this clip off (in case of difficulty use a pair long nose grips or pliers).  If you do not have a pair of pliers then you can ease the clip off with a small flat bladed screwdriver.  Once the clip is removed the old lock will come out from the front of the box.  You do not need to take the cam bar off the lock.

To fit your new lock, simply place the lock through the front of the box, making sure the orientation of it is the same as the one you have removed, push it through the hole and replace the clip, pushing it firmly into place.  Test the lock before locking the post box, then with the flap closed ensure the key turns freely and that the cam locks in position .

DO NOT remove the small horseshoe clip holding the cranked cam bar to the rear of the lock body as the lock will fall apart and will be rendered non working.

Job done, total time about 2.5 minutes, couldn't have been easier.  Time now for a pint or a cuppa, a chocolate biscuit, and a smile for a job well done...
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The DAD Post Box Lock

CamLock Express have a replacement lock for your DAD post box, it comes as keyed to differ, has 2 keys as standard, and we supply a new fixing clip in case you need it. 

There is no 'keyed alike' alternative for this particular lock, DAD do not manufacture one.
If you have any questions do please let us know, happy to answer any question we can.

If you find these instructions are too simplified then do let us know and we will update them for other eBay members future use.

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