How to make sure a TV bracket will fit your TV

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Mounting your TV on the wall is simple and straightforward, but buying a wall bracket can be a bit of a minefield as at first glance it would appear that there are a million different options to choose from, how are you supposed to know which bracket is right for you?
Well the answer is very simple, you need to know your VESA.

VESA is the measurement between the threaded screw holes on the back of your tv, that you will screw the bracket into. So start by locating these screw holes, they will be pretty obvious which ones im talking about, and then measure the distance between the holes in millimetres, measuring from the hole centres. Go left to right first, and then up and down. You will now have your VESA and it will be something like 200mm x 100mm, with 200mm being the distance across, and 100mm being the vertical distance.
All of our brackets are clearly labelled with the VESA that they will fit and there is also an insturctional video to help you measure your VESA.
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