How to select No Postage Local Pickup Only on a Listing

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Do you want to list your item as 'No Postage: Local Pick Up Only' or have that postal option on a listing?

If so, here's a Guide based on the latest incarnations of the listing tools:

Quick Sell SYI Form

You can't configure the Quick Sell form to enable this option properly, because you can't 'turn off' the 'Post To' Location. So although your listing will show local collection only as the only payment method, the Post To Location will always show as UK, Worldwide or Custom Locations. This could mean a bidder may think that you are willing to post the item and bid on that assumption. You should use the Advanced Sell SYI form if the only postal option you want is Local Collection Only.

If you really want to proceed with the Quick Sell SYI:

In Section 5: Set a price and P&P details, press the drop-down arrow in the 'Postage' field and change to ' Collection in Person' and put the value of £.0.00 in the 'Postage Cost to the Buyer' field.

Advanced SYI Form

You no longer have to configure the options from 'single flat rate cost' to '3 domestic services' as previously.

Simply click the drop down arrow in the ' Give Buyers P&P Details' section and change from

'Flat: same cost to all buyers' to
' No postage: local pickup only':

Which will now give you this screen:

Complete the listing and press the ' List your item 'button AFTER checking the fees.

Turbo Lister 2

In Postage Options, click the drop down arrow and change from

Flat: same cost to all buyers to
No postage: Local pick up only

which then becomes:


Sadly, you can no longer list without PayPal as a payment option, even if it's an item for collection only (with the exception of these categories; cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, caravans, trailers, trucks (commercials), services and property)

Additionally, you can't refuse (within eBay rules) to accept PayPal if the buyer wants to pay that way.

Accepted Payments Policy

So if it's an expensive item, you should consider not listing on eBay. You cannot prove delivery to the buyer - and so would automatically lose a PayPal 'Item Not Received' claim, or a 'charge-back' claim.

If you do go ahead and make the sale, it might also be an idea to have someone with you when the buyer collects, or meet them in a public place.

Ask them to bring some ID as well. I've heard occasional stories of a non-winning bidder turning up to collect, only for the winning bidder to subsequently turn up and be disappointed to say the least!

Print out the eBay Invoice twice. Give one the buyer and ask them to sign the other one, which you've marked 'Sold as seen' on. Keep this one for yourself.

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How to select No Postage Local Pickup Only on a Listing - Jul 2008

Further Info

When you list as Local Collection only, it may attract more buyers if you specify the postcode where the item is located. This is because your item will appear both in a normal search and in a search by distance from the buyers location (ie the buyer is searching for a Local Collection item within xx miles of their location). This will be especially true if it's an item not suitable for posting - ie very fragile, large, or heavy.