How to transfer a reg plate from one vehicle to another

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How do I transfer a cherished number plate from vehicle to vehicle?

Under the DVLA cherished number plate transfer scheme, the DVLA in Swansea allows the transfer of a personalised registration mark from one vehicle to another.

Below we have outlined the transfer procedure which must be carried out through your local DVLA vehicle registration office, not through a Post Office, as some people are led to believe.

If you would rather let an established and reputable registration dealer handle the entire cherished transfer for you, then we offer a paperwork only option on any registration mark for a nominal fee. Whether you are a returning customer or whether you have purchased your personalised registration elsewhere, we can help you with any aspect of paperwork.

To apply to transfer a mainland UK cherished number plate you will first need to obtain the offical transfer application form called a V317 (application to transfer a vehicle registration mark). You can pick up a V317 form from your local DVLA vehicle registration office, or you may download one from the website for free.(If you Google our company name 'Finishing Touch Registrations' you will find our site, then take a look on the right hand side menu of our hompage for 'DVLA Transfer Form - V317', this will provide you with a FREE download of the form you require)

When you have the V317 transfer form you will need to read through it very carefully to ensure that all vehicles participating in the cherished transfer are legible and fall within all of the DVLA rules governing the transfer of cherished number plates.

You will need to complete all areas of the V317 application form and then take it into your local DVLA vehicle registration office along with the vehicle documentation listed below for all vehicles taking part in the cherished transfer.

It is worth pointing out at this stage, should you choose to use our transfer only service, because we are in daily contact with our local DVLA transfer office your cherished transfer application would be submitted by ourselves the day we receive it from you. This not only saves you time driving out to your local DVLA office, it also avoids the problem of having to compete for a parking space in a nearby car park.

Vehicle documentation required for the donor and the recipient vehicle

    * The original Vehicle Registration Certificate coded as a V5C (If you have just acquired the vehicle, refer to the instructions on the V317 form for  
        additional forms that the DVLA will require)
    * The original MOT certificate (this is if the age of the vehicle is over 3 years old)
    * Photocopy of the vehicle excise license disc.

In addition to the above vehicle documentation, you will also need to enclose a transfer cheque for the amount of £80.00 made payable to ‘Department Of Transport’. The DVLA will also accept postal orders which must be crossed AC Payee.

How long does it take to transfer a personalised number plate?

The transfer of a cherished personalised number plate doesn’t usually take too long, if you are submitting the application yourself we usually advise allowing 14 days.

How do I get a new registration number for the donor vehicle?

When you transfer a personalised registration number to another vehicle, it goes without saying that you are going to need a replacement registration number for the donor vehicle.

When your application to transfer the personalised registration number has been approved by the DVLA local office they will allocate a replacement registration mark that shows the original age of the vehicle.

If the donor vehicle was registered before 1963 you will be issued with a replacement dateless registration number such as ABC 123, however please note that this registration will then be classed as ‘non transferable’ meaning it cannot be moved off the vehicle to another vehicle. The vehicle can still recieve another cherished registration of appropriate age though.

When the cherished registration transfer has been approved by the DVLA, you will be issued with replacement vehicle documents for both vehicles and then you should ensure that new number plates are fitted to reflect the current registration marks issued to each vehicle.

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