How to use a Scrying Mirror / Magick Mirror

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 Seeing into Darkness

The black scrying mirror, or magick mirror, is a powerful psychic tool.  It can bring the user hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability and can act as a portal to other planes of existence.

Scrying is the ancient art of clairvoyance achieved by concentrating on an object-usually one with a reflective surface, until visions appear.  The use of the black mirror is one of the best methods of achieving the state of mind required for entering trance and for scrying work.  It not only acts as a focal point for visualization but can become a doorway into the astral plane.  It allows communication with higher realms and the subconscious.

Ways in which the Scrying Mirror can be used:

To contact spirit guides

To access knowledge

For healing and self improvement

As a magickal transmitter and receiver

For divining the past, present and future

As a portal to the Astral Plane

For shamanic journeying

For ritual invocation and evocation

To improve visualization skills

Always keep the surface very clean using alcohol and a soft cloth, and never use it for anything but its intended magickal purpose.  Do not let others look into its surface, except in ritual context.  Keep it stored in a silk bag or black cloth when not in use.

Generally, scry using the mirror at night, preferably during the full or new moon, depending on the situation.  The mirror can be used at any time, but tends to work better at these points.

The Rite of Scrying

Extinguish all light sources except the candle and/or moonlight.

Allow nothing to reflect in the mirror's surface.  It should appear as a dark tunnel or window.

You can use one candle behind the mirror, or one of each side of it.

Before starting, always create a sacred space to work in.  Cast a circle of protection or visualize the area surrounded by white light and protection from false of misleading influences-call you guides and guardians to protect the working.

I personally drink mugwort tea, and burn mugwort and sage as I scry.

Sit comfortably in front of the mirror. 

Close your eyes, ground and center, clearing your mind of all thoughts but your purpose.

When you are ready, open your physical eyes and gaze into the mirror; remain relaxed and do not hesitate to blink when necessary.  Relax the focus of your eyes but remain alert. After a while, the surface of the mirror will begin to change and fade; a dark mist will appear.  Your inner eyes will now open, and the journey into the mirror begins.  Remember that the inner eye sees inside the mind, through the magickal imagination.  Most people when scrying do not see the images appear with the physical eyes on the mirror's surface but see within the mirror and in the mind's eye.  The mirror acts as a focal point, a gateway within.

When you have completed your journey or work you set out to do, begin to the return of your body and ordinary senses.  Breath fully and deeply, and remain still until you feel you have completely returned.  Now close your eyes and remember all you saw and felt during the scrying or journey.  Review your entire experience mentally.

Write it all down immediately in a journal or Book of Shadows kept for this purpose.

To Begin to See

This is a very important exercise to master if you are new to scrying or are having trouble receiving images.  It will aid your "visual imagination" which allows your psychic and physical eyes to see clearly together.  It gives clairvoyant strength.

Sit before your mirror and begin to imagine objects on its surface, one after another.  You should try to see these images clearly in the mirror with your eyes open, just as if they were there in reality.  Try simple shapes or colors first.  Hold onto the image of each shape, object or color one minute before dissolving it and going on to the next.  For example, use a red triangle, a yellow square, a blue circle and silver crescent; see them appear in the mirror using your firm imagination.  For best results, do this exercise every day for 15 minutes until it is mastered.

This exercise is well worth the effort; it gives magickal discipline and strengthens the inner eye so visions can come with clarity and ease.

I find that the handcrafted Mirrors work much better than the mass produced.  Read all about the mirror and the person who made it before buying!

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