Is it safe to buy expensive items like beds on ebay?

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I know that many people are very wary about buying items like beds from ebay. However if you follow a few guidelines then you can save up to 75% on the shop prices:

1) most important of all make sure that the seller gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2) check previous feedback for the seller, and even contact previous customers to ask them about the seller. Also read all their negative or neutral feedback.
3) make sure they have recent feedback (unused accounts with good feedback are sometimes hacked).
4) make sure most of their feedback is for selling, and that it is for similar items to those you want to purchase

5) use a company who display their phone number, so that you can talk to someone about your requirements (they want you to make the right choice because it will cost them if you return it).

6) check the sellers return policy. Many sellers charge for postage on returns.....can work out very expensive if you have unpacked a vacuum packed mattress, and you don't like it.

7) try to use a seller who delivers using their own transport. Couriers often damage or misplace goods (believe me I know from experience).

Obviously you can't try before you buy, but for the saving it is worth the risk if you follow the guidelines above.


Isn't it obvious that the whoever rated this guide as unhelpful must be a bed seller who doesn't fit in with these guide lines?

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