Keyed to Differ, Keyed Alike & Master Keying Explained

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What is 'Keying Alike' or what is a 'Keyed Alike' lock?

Basically keying alike means that locks in a set or ‘suite’ have the same key code, ie. any key fits any lock. This is convenient where a large number of locks are to be used by the same group of people or person but can be a problem if individual security is important. 

What is 'Keyed to Differ' or what is a 'Keyed to Differ' lock?

This means that all locks have different key combinations, ie. a key from one lock will not fit any other lock in the same group, there is usually a limit to the total number of differs available for a particular lock group but is generally high and not normally a problem for most applications.

What is 'Master Keying'?

As used suits of locks where one ‘master’ key can open all the locks in a suite, which are themselves made to different key combinations i.e. keyed to differ.  With Cam Lock applications we can master some sizes but not all, there are some technical difficulties with doing so purely because of the size of the lock body Link to Cam Locks in our listings

When buying cam locks from us you can specify that you require a master key, please be aware there will be a small extra charge for the additional parts required.

You can have different size locks keyed differently but utilising the same master key, there are some exclusions, but if you have a master key requirement and would like to find out what can be built then please drop us a line.

Please contact us if you need further Information
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