Land Rover key remotes

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Second hand Land Rover key remotes, should I buy or not? some, yes, and some, no. I will explain which ones work and which ones don't. I will also explain how to program some remotes yourself and save you some money on main dealer costs, Please read on........................

Range rover P38 remotes.

Range Rover P38 remotes will only work on the vehicle they were intended for, yes the key blade can be swapped over but the remote will never work on another vehicle and it cannot be programmed to another vehicle, thats why, when you order these from landrover they need your chassis number, the key is then programmed at the factory.

New P38 keys which have been ordered to your vehicles chassis number DO NOT need to be programmed using diagnostic computers so beware of dealers telling that you they need to program it. THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF. To initialise a new key the vehicle first needs to be disarmed either with the spare key or with the EKA code if the only remote you have is faulty or lost. Then insert the new key into the door lock and lock then unlock the car, test the new remote, it should now work.

P38 EKA code.

If you need to enter the EKA code to disarm your vehicle then the instructions on how to do this are in the owners handbook but beware, believe it or not, they are WRONG!! Ignore the first step where it tells you to unlock the car 4 times before entering the code. For example, if the code is 1-2-3-4 then lock the car with the key then, unlock once, lock twice, unlock 3 times, lock 4 times then finally unlock. If sucsessful the central locking will pop all the door buttons up and you'll be able to start the engine and/or initialise the new key. You may find you need to initialise the existing key after a sucsessful entry of the EKA code.

Discovery II remotes

Discovery II remotes can be programmed to another car but ONLY if it comes with the bar code, if there is no bar code with the key then it is useless and cannot be programmed. Once lost, the bar code cannot be obtained. Key blades for disco II can be swapped over.

Freelander and discovery series 1 remotes.

Freelander (not freelander 2) remotes can be programmed to any freelander using T4/testbook at any land rover dealer. The same goes for discovery series I (two button type) and defender.

Pre 96 discovery with the single button remotes can be programmed to the car without using any diagnostic computers.

To code a single button remote for a pre '96 discovery, proceed as follows......

It will take 2 people to do this so grab a friend, open the bonnet and get said friend to press and hold the bonnet switch down.

Open drivers door and get ready with your finger to press and release the door button. This button is in the A post and is used to turn the interior light on when the door is opened..

This sequence of moves needs to be completed in 8 seconds or less otherwise the alarm ecu won't go into program mode.

1 turn ignition on. 2 turn ignition off. 3 press door button. 4 release door button. 5 release bonnet switch. 6 ignition on. 7 ignition off. 8 the horn will sound and the alarm led will flash rapidly. 9 press remote to program. If there's only one remote then you need to code this one twice to make the ecu think there's two remotes, if there's two remotes then press the button on one then the other, this will program both. It is important that if there is only one remote that it is programmed twice. Once programming is complete, the led will flash slowly.

Range Rover L322 remotes.

The immobiliser part of the key needs to be programmed at a dealer with T4/testbook but the remote part can be done by your good self. proceed as follows..........

Get in the car and make sure all the doors are closed an unlocked. This procedure needs to be completed in 8 seconds or less. 1 turn ignition to position ONE. 2 turn ignition off. 3 remove key from ignition and hold the lock button. 4 while holding the lock button, press the unlock button 3 times. The doors will lock then immedieately unlock confirming that the remote is programmed. 5. repeat step 4 with any existing remotes, again the doors will lock then unlock to confirm. Any remotes not programmed at this time whether they were originally programmed or not will be disabled.

If you lose a key or it is stolen then this procedeure will diasble the lost key. just carry out this procedure with the keys you have and any not present will be disabled.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please click yes if this has helped.



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