Large Print Books - buying, selling and finding on eBay

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Large Print Books are hard to find on eBay because eBay does not yet have a subcategory of 'Large Print Books'. Hopefully that will change soon because there are 3 million people in the UK alone who cannot read conventional size print - that is about 5 per cent of the population.

Definition of 'large print'

By convention 'large print' has come to mean 16 point font size, or larger. So, if you are selling large print books on eBay make sure that you only describe them as such if they are of this size.

Searching for Large Print Books on eBay

If you do a search on 'large print books' and check the tick-box to search 'titles AND descriptions' you will get an enormous number of results, the vast majority of which will not be books, and will not be large print (eg tee-shirts, postage stamps, posters, etc.) so I suggest that you search only 'titles'.

This means that it is important, if you are selling large print books, to try to get those words in the title.

You can use the following link to see what is currently listed on eBay: eBay auction large print books

You will probably get a greater response if you search on eBay stores, where many items are on permanent display until sold, rather than just for as long as the auction is lasting: eBay stores large print books

You could also check our own store, Large Print Books, where we list a small selection of large print titles, including books that are not available in the UK, and which we import especially: titles that certainly should be available in the UK but are not. For example, latest novels by Louis de Berniere's and John Le Carre, autobiographies from Jane Fonda and Bill Bryson, etc. Large Print Bookshop.

For a much more comprehensive list of what is available in large print (and on audiobook) please see our website which you can find by clicking on the 'About Me' page and then selecting 'Favourite Link'


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