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LAY Z SPA REVIEW. This is one owners tips and tricks on setting up and using the Bestways Lay Z Spa. I would much appreciate it if you could rate it at the end if you found it useful.

The Lay z Spa by Bestway is on sale in spring and summer at most major DIY stores, on e bay and pool shops. It is a good introduction to the world of spa baths and is great value for money - around £300. A Lay z Spa is perfect when inviting friends round, parties, it's sociable and relaxing. Some people have them for their aches and pains, others for pure decadence and fun! Children must always be under direct supervision around water.

The system comprises of an inflatable round bath holding 900 ltrs.of water, with a protective outer shell, a pump which is also a heater, filtration system, various necesary connections, a DVD and manual for installation and care.

As with most things, the success of your pool will depend on preparation. First your base has to be level , strong enogh to support the weightm and free from debris and stones. We put a piece of cushion flooring down on a patio first to prevent puntures. Site it well away from neighbours who (like in my case) object to the noise when the bubble action is on.  Also you might not want them peering in on your activities! We purchased on ebay a 2.5 mtr gazebo to cover it for the summer and it works a treat! The spa's elecric cable is not very long so check out how far it will reach to a socket before you fill! The company do not want you using extension leads for safety reasons.

So when you first get your Lay Z Spa, you think it will have everything you need inside the box to get you started, right, and that it will take a few minutes to assemble?


Expect to pay another £50 or so for the PH granules, the testing kit and the chrlorine.  If you run it without getting the water being safe and sorted you'll soon be in trouble with the filtration system. Plus it takes the best part of an afternoon to assemble and fill it. 

And, when you get your spa assembled and your water levels correct, you're hoping to be sitting in it that evening, right?


If you fill it from the garden hose, like they say, it will take 12 hours or thereabouts to heat to 104F which is the maximum heat. And then before you sample that lovely heat, you will need to 'shock' the spa (basically to give it an extra dose of chlorine to kill all the nasties and a process you will need to repeat on a weekly basis.) By the way, don't over inflate the 'fried egg' style lid as this can damage it. Also, I understand that the controls of some pumps get water damage so where possible cover it with plastic to keep out as much rain and spills as possible. The lid is secured with a zip that goes all the way around the top. A word in your's useless! However, if the spa is being used everyday and it's not too windy you can successfully lay the lid on the top without zipping it up.

If you don't want to wait all night to fill your Lay Z Spa , use the hot tap from inside (softened water is ok as long as you get your ph and chlorination sorted before you turn the pump on.).  That way it will be hotter quicker. Alternatively fill from the garden outlet and leave 12 hours or so.  Click on the  heat button, scroll up or down to the temperature you require.  It will flash a bit, then settle at the current temprature versus the desired temperature.  Personally I like mine hot - I set mine to around 97 degrees remembering that when you push the bubbles option on the display these will come through cold thus forcing the water temperature down. The bubble action is surprisingly good and quite strong.The pump will continue to heat the water until the desired temperature is achieved. After 24 hours it will cut off and you will need to reset by pressing the red button on the plug. In order to filtrate the water you will need to keep the pump going 8 hours a day. I am told it costs around £15 per week in electricity.. which is a lot but the hours of pleasure it gives you and the family is worth it.

Testing the water daily is a must.  Encouraging the right PH and chlorine levels will prevent all sorts of problems. Remember the more use the pool has, the more it will need in terms of heating and water purifiation.  The filter should be removed daily, cleaned under a running tap or hose and replaced weekly (around £3,) You can get spray detergents to clean it and a nifty attachment for your hose especially designed for cleaning the filter. It's best not to use it if you have body oils lotions hair gels etc on you skin as these will clog the filter quickly.  I live in a hard water area. When I first fill my pool I give it around 8 capfuls of ph granules to bring the ph dodwn to 7.2 or thereabouts, and then add a couple of capfuls at a time of chrlorine powder. Always disolve these things in a jug of water before adding and don't mix them together. Then I test the water again with the ph testing Aquastrips matching the colour to those on the pack. Once I have the levels right I know it's safe to use. If you don't bother with chemicals the pool will soon harbour dangerous waterborne viruses, the water will go cloudy and stale and the filtration system will clog or erode. T%ake care not to lose any of the bits that come with the spa  e.g. those three little blue caps - you will need those every day when you change the filter. 

To make life even more fun do check out your local spa and pool store.  They are, on the whole, very helpful with advice (and sales patter!) . I particularly like the aromatherary crystals which are essences which you put into the spa water. They really leaves your skin smelling great! Or what about some disco lights for your water? All are available on e bay.

You will read on the internet how some people have had real problems with their Lay Z Spas...pumps packing up etc. If you do have a problem make sure you keep your receipt, and contact either the retailer or the manufacturers Bestway directly.

I hope you enjoy your Lay Z Spa as much as we do. Please remember to rate this guide if you have found it useful. Thanks for reading.



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