Level Up Your Road Trip With These 3 Stereo Accessories

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What’s a road trip without music? Give your ride the best soundtrack with these three essential stereo accessories, handpicked for an unforgettable journey.

Auxiliary Audio Cable

Fed up with the radio playing the same songs over and over again? Listen to all your favourite tunes from your MP3 player, phone or tablet by connecting it to your car stereo using an auxiliary audio cable or stereo adaptor). Why not make an epic playlist of all your favourite road trip tunes to take with you? (Singing along is essential.) You could also listen to audiobooks or podcasts, depending on how you feel (although we reckon that the driver should always get the final say).

A tangle-free cable ensures a hassle-free journey, and 3.5 millimetres is a common size to fit most devices. A versatile black cable will fit seamlessly into your car, while a brightly coloured one eliminates those last-minute scrambles as you try to find it in the glovebox.


Because tinny quality isn’t enough, especially on those long drives, crank up the volume with some car stereo speakers. Exposed components offer boosted power, while heatproof materials ensure they not only look stylish, but will also stand the test of time – that means better car journeys, for longer.

Whether you choose the installed or free-standing variety that you can operate through Bluetooth (just connect via your smartphone), it'll improve the bass and sound quality of all your favourite tunes. Just put on your favourite song and drive. Lightweight and efficient, speakers are the easy way to maximise the output of your car stereo. Choose from a range of sizes, power settings and designs to find speakers that will make you excited for that morning commute.


Like your music loud and the best quality possible? For those serious about driving songs, an amplifier is the only way to go. Coming in a range of different power outputs, vehicle amplifiers make it oh-so easy for you to achieve the incredibly high sound quality you get at home while on the move, all through your car stereo.

Amplifiers also allow you to hear all of the layers of music we usually miss: The tonal quality, buzzed-up bass and rocking rhythm. That guitar has never sounded so good, the drums never so epic. That one-hour traffic jam doesn’t seem so bad now, right? Once you’ve fitted your amplifier, you won’t be able to remember how you ever lived without it.

Many amplifiers are portable and compact enough to bring along even for short journeys, and are easy to install in a range of vehicles. No matter what wattage you’re looking for, an amplifier provides music like you’ve never heard it before.