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Ebay local bargains

Finding local bargains is easy with e-bay once you know how. Simply type in the item you are looking for and click on 'advanced' search button which is at the top right of the main e-bay page on the right of the main 'search' button. Scroll down and click the box which says 'auction', then the one which says 'collect in person'. Beneath that you can state your travel radius so as to look for only very local items. Put 10 miles as a basic radius and enter your postcode. Items offered for collection only will get a smaller number of views than items which offer delivery. Here is where you can find a local e-bay bargain. These kinds of items tend to be larger items such as furniture, bicycles and cars - on the whole, anything which is difficult to post. Sometimes people also offer smaller items for collection, but this is more rare. 
Once you have found a bargain item, don't bid on it straight away as this will only push the price up and is more likely to lead to a bidding war with the other bidders. You can place a minimum bid on it if it has no bids already - this will 'confirm' the lowest starting price and 'reserve' your interest. It also means the seller cannot legitimately remove the item once it has received a bid. Don't keep bidding however and only use this tactic to reserve an item with no previous bids. Now use a site called auction sniper to 'snipe' your item. Bid sniper is a clever program which helps you to keep the price down when bidding and avoids you getting involved in an bidding war - which would push the price up. Instead, what this program does is place your highest bid in the last few seconds of the auction. This means you can decide on your maximum bid and stick to it, regardless of what the items auction goes for. You can avoid getting emotionally attached to the outcome of the auction, and choose a price you are happy with. In most cases I have found that my highest bid isn't even reached using this tactic, and that I get a much better price than I would have had if I would have starting bidding against another user.