M32 Gearbox

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M32 Uprated end case!

The new revised M32 gearbox with bigger end bearings with under 50tho on the clock, in today for a bearing repair with a whine in all gears above 25mph... Vauxhalls fix by fitting bigger bearings and new oil ways hasn't fixed the problem, all it has done is move the problem to the next weakest point in the gearbox "the bottom bearings" some company's are offering this big end bearing conversion thinking it will solve the problem, as we now see it doesn't and seems to make the bottom bearing wear quicker then the 6th gear bearing did before there modification, as that's 2 within a week with under 50tho with the same modified gearbox both with the same problem a whining gearbox...... Rant over....

Best way to look after these gearboxes is to catch the bearing wear early, Check for movement in your gearstick when setting off in 1st, when the bearings are starting to go 1st gear will twitch back slightly, get it done straight away, other obvious signs is Noise A whine from your gearbox.... Regular oil changes every 6/8000 miles will prolong the life of the gearbox....

If you would like any more info please pm me, i also have a face book page search
A & S Clutch Technology on facebook.

Thank you

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