MG Rover paint codes

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This guide will describe how to locate the paint codes on your modern MG or Rover.  This will allow you to confirm that you are purchasing the correct paint for your car.  This guide also includes a list of the most common colours used on modern MGs and Rovers.

Paint code location

Rover paint codes consist of a 3 letter code that defines the major colour and the variant.  The paint code can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the VIN (vehicle identification number) plate.  The example below shows the VIN plate from my MG F.  As can be seen, the paint code is EAC, which is Volcano Orange.

The VIN plates are located in different places on different models within the MG Rover car range.  On the MGF and TF the plate is under the bonnet on the off-side (RHD) inner wing.

On the Rover & MG saloons and hatchbacks the VIN plate is on the left hand B post.  The B post is the post that the front door closes onto. 

Rover 200, 25 & MG ZR            Rover 400, 45 & MG ZS          Rover 75 & MG ZT

Paint codes

Listed below is a list of paint codes used by MG Rover.  This list is not exhaustive, and does not include paints available under the Monogram program.  Monogram paints are only available via specialist paint shops and the majority of these colours require specialist knowledge to apply.

Paint names that have a description that includes a TAT code, e.g. Indiana Red, are used on the Cityrover.

The list below itemises some of the paints that are available for MG Rover vehicles.  A more complete alphabetical list can be found on our website.                  

Code    Name
CAQ     Nightfire Red 2
CBT      Nightfire Red 3
CCZ      Monza Red
CDM     Mulberry Red
CDW     Dorchester Red
CDX     Copperleaf Red
CEB      Damson Red
CEV      Firefrost Red
CMU     Solar Red
CMV     Morello Purple
CNF      Mulberry Red
COF      Flame Red
COG     Cherry Red
COS      Cranberry Red
CPX      Nevada Red
CQB      Cherry Red TAT308
CQC      Rio Red
CUY      Bolero Red
CWC     Indiana Red TAT302
EAB       Kniversand
EAC       Volcano
EAP       Paprika Orange
ERM      BRM Orange
FAH      Primrose Yellow
FAR      Trophy Yellow
FNH      Solar Yellow
GMK    White Gold
GMN    White Gold 2
GUF      Sienna Gold
HAF      Pearl BRG
HAK     Almond Green
HAM     British Racing Green 2
HAW     Kensington Green
HES       Moonstone Green
HET       Charleston Green
HEW     Arden Green
HFD      Celadon Green
HFF      BRG 3
HFH      Alumina Green
HFN      Le Mans Green TAT622
HFY      Arbour Green
HGP      Aqua Green TAT616
HNA     British Racing Green
HOR     Willow Green
HPE      Woodcote Green
HQJ      Cimarron Green
HQM    Aquamarine Green
HQM    Goodwood Green
HYF      Brooklands Green
JAM      Arizona Blue
JAV      Cayman Blue
JAX      Kingfisher Blue
JBH      Wedgewood Blue 2
JBR       Steel Blue 2
JEL       Wedgewood Blue
JEN      Surf Blue
JEY      Atlantic Blue
JFB      Steel Blue
JFK      Hawaiian Blue
JFM      Royal Blue
JFR      Bermuda Blue
JFU      Island Blue
JFV      Trophy Blue
JFX      Provence Blue
JGA     Odyssey Blue
JGD      Oxygen Blue
JGY      Ignition/Mica Blue
JHG      Sonic Blue
JHI       Ski Blue
JNW     Azure Blue
JPC       Henley Blue
JPW     Atlantic Blue
JQV      Nordic Blue
JQW     Midnight Blue
JRJ       Tahiti Blue
JRN      Ocean Blue
JSA      Electric Blue
JSJ       Oxford Blue
JST      Marine Blue TAT502
JTA      Oceana Blue TAT528
JUQ      Ionian Blue
JUR      Aegean Blue
JUV      Caspian Blue
JYA      Seafrost Blue
JYX      Paul Smith Blue
KMD    Amethyst
KMN    Amaranth
KNB     Granite Purple TAT155
LAL      Pewter
LEF      XPower Grey/Tempest Grey
LMZ     Steel Grey
LOQ     Tempest Grey
LOZ      Storm Grey
LQS      Yukon Grey
LQW     Anthracite
LVD      Charcaol
MBB     Starlight Silver
MBH     Arctic Silver TAT717
MCN     Platinum Gold
MMW    Pulsar Silver
MNF      Quicksilver
MNH     Silver Sparkle
MNS     Quicksilver
MNX     Platinum Silver
MUM     Zircon Silver
NAL      White Diamond 2
NDJ       Dover White
NND      White Diamond
NNX      Old English White
NUR      Mint White TAT903
PAK       Black 2
PBT        Pearl Black
PBU       Mica Black TAT907
PMF       Black
PMF       Raven Black
SAR       Whitehall Beige
SMF       Oyster Beige
UME      Carribean Blue
UMG      Polynesian

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