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The London Coin Company have compiled a list of Mintage Figures for the United States Gold Buffalo coins and sets giving our customers a better idea of rarety and collectability. We hope you will find it useful.

2006 First Year of Issue Gold Proof

One Ounce - Issue Limit 246,267 Worldwide

No Bullion Coin Issued

2007 Gold Proof

One Ounce - Issue Limit 58,998 Worldwide

No Bullion Coin Issued

2008 Brilliant Uncirculated

Bu One Ounce - Issue Limit 3,025 Worldwide

Bu Half Ounce - Issue Limit 3,237 Worldwide

Bu Quarter Ounce - Issue Limit 3,900 Worldwide

Bu Tenth Ounce - Issue Limit 11,380 Worldwide

Bu 4 Coin Set - Issue Limit 6,049 Worldwide

Bu Double Prosperity Set - Issue Limit 7,622

2008 Gold Proof

One Ounce - Issue Limit 11,060 Worldwide

Half Ounce - Issue Limit 4,366 Worldwide

Quarter Ounce - Issue Limit 5,322 Worldwide

Tenth Ounce - Issue Limit 11,081 Worldwide

4 Coin Set - Issue Limit 7,803 Worldwide

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