Mandasue Heller books in order

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Have you started reading a great book only to find that it’s the second or third in a long series? Even worse if it mentions details from previous books you haven’t read! So, here at Apple Green Books we have put together a handy list for you to check the order of books in your favourite series, and you can also quickly and easily find them all on eBay for you to purchase. We hope you find it useful, and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a list of books we don’t have. Happy reading!

Mandasue Heller

Mandasue Heller was born in Cheshire, England, and then moved to Manchester in 1982, where she bases most of her novels. As well as a talented writer, Heller is also an accomplished singer, and sings in cabaret and blues groups, among others. She currently lives in Manchester with her musician partner.

Here are Mandasue Heller’s books in chronological order from first to last:

The Front (2002)

Four old school friends think robbing a supermarket should be easy- nothing can go wrong. But it does. One of them is wounded and they end up with a dead body on their hands. What’s more, they have unwillingly entered into the criminal underworld, from which they find it hard to escape. 

Forget Me Not (2003)

A serial killer is on the loose and has made it his mark to leave a tiny forget-me-not flower on the bodies of his victims. Poverty has made 12 year old Lisa Noon old before her time, but when talk, dark and handsome Benny saves her life, she has no idea who he really is or what he wants from her. 

Tainted Lives (2004)

When Sarah; who has been in care since she was seven, meets Harry; a victim of terrible bullying, and a young delinquent, Vinnie, a strong bond is instantly formed. When the three of them cross paths again many years later, a horrible murder is committed. But by who?

The Game (2005)

Mary James is a rebellious teenager who is thrown out of her family home. One day she meets Lynne, mature and sophisticated, but with connections in the seedy criminal underworld. When Lynne’s friends ask for an alibi for murder, Mary finds herself caught up in a dangerous game.

The Charmer (2005)

Orphan Maria Price inherits a mansion and more money than she could possibly have imagined.  Then, one day, she meets handsome and charming Joel Parry, who is more than happy to move in with Maria and help her spend her inheritance. But naive Maria doesn’t know that Joel is hiding a dark past. 

The Club (2006)

Jenna Lorde owns a popular nightclub in the fashionable part of Manchester. She believes that she knows how to make her club a success, but as tensions run high between the staff, three men offer to help. One is truly trying to help her. Another is just working for his own gain. And another wants to help her handle the criminals threatening the club. But which of them can she trust?

Shafted (2007)

Larry Logan is a minor TV celebrity with a major ego. When his TV show is cut, he’s angry that the only work he can get is for a quiz show that is actually a front for the police to catch criminals. But the show actually escalates him back to fame, and when he meets the lovely Stephanie, he feels that life is going well. This is soon shattered when he’s arrested on air for a terrible crime- is it revenge?

Snatched (2009)

The nightmare begins for Sue and Terry Day when their teenage daughter runs away from home, and their six year old son sets the house on fire. But their friends and neighbours begin to question whether Nicky has really run away- and whether the fire was really an accident. 

Two-faced (2009)

Mia and Michelle are identical twins with very different lives. When disaster strikes, plain Michelle must pretend to be her sister Mia, a glamorous model. And Michelle does a good job – a very good job. She even takes the man that Mia is in love with, for which she will never forgive her. 

The Driver (2010)

Joe Weeks is new to the Grange Estate. He’s pleased when Eddie, a notorious – but honest – drug dealer offers him a job. But then he meets Katya, a prostitute in Eddie’s grasp, and she’s desperate to escape. 

Lost Angel (2012)

Johnny Conroy was forced to marry a gangster’s daughter who he didn’t love, but if he refused her cruel father would have killed him. Now, he owns a successful car-theft business, but it seems like déjà vu when his daughter Angel falls in love with one of his employees. 

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